Meet the team

The Star Now Team The Star Now Team The Star Now Team
Cameron Mehlhopt
Komal Chhiba
Finance Manager
Stephanie Charles
Asia Pacific Markets Manager
Sarah Pennell
Global Partnerships Manager
Daniel McGaughran
Software Developer
Toni Barrett
Front End Developer
Rebecca Ewart
Test Analyst
Marcus Kan
Systems Administrator
Tim James
Lead UX Designer / Web Designer
Jen Thompson
Head of Community
Ashleigh Gardiner
Country Manager
Debra Rodden
Country Manager
Jessica Clifton
Country Manager
Jasmine Taggart
Marketing Executive
Jessica Manins
General Manager, Markets
Jamie Howell
CTO / Systems Architect
Kevin Hutchens
Development Team Lead
Anna Leadbitter
Projects Analyst
Jessica Sweden
Country Manager
Lyndee-Jane Rutherford
Country Manager
Felicity Jackson
UK & Europe Casting Manager
Marta Machura
Country Manager
Michael Burke
Country Manager
Kristy Hamby
HR & Office Manager
Sarah Oey
Country Manager
Cameron McCulloch
Trust and Safety Officer
Phil Cox
Greg Montgomery
Alicia Zink
Graphic/Web Designer
Jade Hemming
Country Manager
Sébastien Caillault
Country Manager
Chelsea Crandall
Country Manager

Community and Trust & Safety

Our Community team can answer all your questions about StarNow (we also recommend you check out our Help section). The team looks out for our members’ safety on the site and they even have dedicated country managers - including native German and French speakers, if you’re German or French!

Feel free to contact them with any questions. They’re very friendly.


Our Markets team looks after the casting professionals who list auditions and jobs on StarNow. They attend industry events, form key partnerships, and place castings on the site from some of the biggest names in the industry.

To find out more about casting through StarNow, contact our Markets team.


Our Marketing team is responsible for growing our pool of talented members on the site (currently 2+ million worldwide). They manage all the cool promotions and giveaways we run each year and handle our social media pages, including Facebook and Twitter.


Our Product team is responsible for the content, design, and user-friendliness of StarNow. Any new site features start with them before being built. The team includes a designer, a business analyst, and a writer.

Development & Test

Our Development team builds new site features, improves existing ones, keeps the site up and running, and plays a pretty fierce game of office foosball. Meanwhile, our eagle-eyed testers check that all the new features and emails work properly before being released into the big, wide world.


Our Analytics team analyses the impact of new features, identifies areas for improvement, and gets to know our members so we can make the site as enjoyable and efficient as possible for our talent and casting professionals.

Honourable mention: We also have a number-savvy Accounts team.


If you’ve got skills relevant to one of the teams above and would like to join us, email your CV to