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London, United Kingdom

Actor, Model

My name is Tony Hunter and I'm an Actor, Dancer and Model from London. My main passion is Acting and i love being a part of a team to create some great work! My credits include Talk to Frank, MTV, Freederm sponsors Big Brother, Xfactor, Talk Talk, 118 118, Warner Brothers, Getty Images stock and more. I love new and exciting projects and love to be busy working! Twitter - @tonyhunter_

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Tony Hunter Showreel

Uploaded 1 month ago

The Drifter

Uploaded 9 months ago

Vanilla Sky - Slow Motion End

Uploaded 1 year ago

Sounds of Silica

Uploaded 3 months ago


Uploaded 3 months ago

Disturbia Monolouge

Uploaded 2 years ago

iHelicopter - Office Tea Break!

Uploaded 3 years ago

Babysitting Tom Typhoon

Uploaded 3 years ago

Physical Details

190 cm / 6ft 3in
86 cm / 34in
76 kg / 167 lbs
Shoe size:
11.0 UK / 12.0 US / 45.5 Euro
White / Caucasian
Hair colour:
Skin colour:
Hair length:
Eye colour:
Hair type:
106 cm / 42 in


  • The Sequel - untouched Theatre : Prince Henry, Camden Fringe Festival, UK
  • Glude TV - Office Marketing Shoot : Actor, london, UK
  • Praxima special effects shoot : Lead Actor, london, UK
  • The Typist : Angel of God, London, UK
  • Google Cooperate shoot : Actor (lead), London, UK
  • Suburbia - Short Film : Alan (lead), London, UK
  • I can't see your face anymore - Short film : James (Lead), London, UK
  • Sennheisser Headphone Shoot : Actor, London, UK
  • iStock Shoot - Model, London, UK
  • Horror Shoot Amy Spanos Photography : Model, London, UK
  • The Insider BBC3 : Actor, London, UK
  • Privi Adverts : Actor, London, UK
  • Tesco Hudl : Commercial, London, UK
  • An Ammeter Production - short Film : Actor, London, UK
  • Soundtrack to Sixteen : Actor, London, UK
  • MeAvenue Shoot : Main Model, London, UK
  • MTV - Just add Colour Shoot : Actor (basketball player), London, UK
  • Getty submission shoot - Tara Moore Photography : Model, London, UK
  • Drifter - Short Film : Lead Actor, London, UK
  • Bloodlust Shoot : model, London, UK
  • Student Stock library shoot : Actor, London, UK
  • Getty images Cinema Shoot : Model, London, UK
  • Vanilla Sky Music Viedo : Male Lead, London, UK
  • Aaron T Aaron - Music Video : Actor, London, UK
  • : model, London, UK
  • Jack Whitehalls POP MASH : Dancer/Glee Lookalike, London, UK
  • Ghetti images Shoot (various shoots) : Model, London, UK
  • Classic Tearjerkers Advert : Male lead, London, UK
  • Bloodlust t-shirt Shoot : Model, London, UK
  • Talk Talk Sponsors Xfactor idents : Boyband Member, London, UK
  • Nate James 'Back Foot' Music Video : Male Lead, London, UK
  • Dark Shadows - Warner Brothers : Actor, London, UK
  • Heera Ginger Paste Advert : Dancer/Soloist, London, UK
  • Barclaycard at the O2 Viral : Actor, London, UK
  • Playmobil Viral Advert : 'The Babysitter' Male lead, London, UK
  • I-Helicopter Advert (viral) : Male lead, London, UK
  • X-ray Frog T-shirt Shoot : Model, London, UK
  • Majestic Lifestyle Shoot : Model, London, UK
  • 'A Story of our time' Short film : 'Tom' Male lead, London, UK
  • Freederm Sponsors Big Brother Ident : Actor, London, UK
  • Alladin at the CECC with John Barrowman : Dancer/ensamble, London, UK
  • Four Eyez Contact lens Shoot : Actor/Model, London, UK
  • Masters Performing Arts College : Musical Theatre and dance, London, UK
  • 118 118 Sponsors ITV at the Movies Ident : Actor, London, UK
  • Hannah Montanna Movie Premier : Dancer, London, UK
  • TCM Fame Re-inactment with Denise Van Outen : Dancer, London, UK
  • Children in Need with the 'One Show' : Dancer, London, UK
  • Talk to Frank Advert : Stoned Tean, London, UK
  • 'Paige and Simon' Short film : 'Simon' Male lead, London, UK

Acting experience:
  Previous paid speaking roles
Languages spoken
  • English
Accents spoken
  • Australian
  • South African
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • USA California
  • USA New York
  • USA Southern
  • French
The Sequel - Prince Henry

Glude TV Office Marketing Shoot - Actor

Praxima Special Effects Shoot - Lead Actor

'The Typist' Short film - Angel of God

'Sounds of Silica' SHort film - James (lead)

'Suburbia' short film - Alan (lead)

'Sennheiser Headphone Shoot' - Actor

'iStock shoot' - Model/Actor

'the Insider' - Tv BBC3 - Actor

"Privi Advert' - Online - Actor

'An Amateur Production' - Short Film - Actor

Soundtrack to Sixteen - Feature Film - Actor

MTV 'Just add Colour' shoot - Actor

'Drifter' - Short film - Lead Actor

Student Stock Library shoot - Actor

Vanilla Sky Music Video - Lead Actor

Aaron T Aaron - Double Double Music video shoot - Actor

'GONE TOO FAR' - Feature film -Male Actor (Estate boy)

'Jack Whitehall's POP MASH' Finn lookalike (glee)

'Classic Tearjerkers Album Advert' - Male Actor

'Talk Talk' Idents for Xfactor - 'Male Singer' - Ident/Advert

'A story of our time' Male Lead 'Tom' - Short Film

'Nate James - 'Back Foot' music video' Male lead

'I-Helicopter iphone app' viral (Parazone ent) - Supporting role

'Playmobil Viral Promo Advert' - 'The Babysitter'

'Dark Shadows' - Tim Burton Feature Film - Factory Worker

'Freederm Ad - Big Brother Idents 2011'

'Artful Dodger' in 'Oliver' - stage

'Rooster' in 'Annie' -stage

Main role in'Talk to Frank'- Web advert

Simon' in 'Paige and Simon' - Short Film

Army Cadet '118 118' featured (ITV Advert)

'Barclaycard viral Advert' featured extra

'Inspector Hound' (main role) in 'Inspector Hound' - College Production

'Billy' in 'Billy Liar' - College Production


Modeling experience:
  Part-time model - paid commercial work
Tesco Hudl - Main Model

MeAvenue shoot - Main Model

Getty imagaes submission shoot (Tara Moore Photography) - Model

Bloodlust 2013 Shoot - Model

LSBU Student Union Campaign shoot - Model

Bloodlust T-shirt shoot - Model Shoot - Model

Getty Images 'College Yearbook' Shoot - Main Model

Four Eyez shoot (contact lenses) Main Model

X-Ray Frog T-Shirt Shoot - Main Model

Majestic Lifestyle Shoot - Main Model ( 1 of 4 Models )

Creative Dance shoot 'Black and White' - Model

Various Location shoots for portfolio 2011

Agency info

DD's Casting Agency
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Rudeye Dance Agency
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