Beatrice Zambon


New South Wales, Australia
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Credits & experience

  • Studio Mondo -Ecommerce Production : Digital Operator, Retoucher, Data Entry
  • Lone Ross production : BTS Photographer and Production Assistant
  • David Collier Fashion Photographer : Assistant, Digital Operator
  • Daniel Sommer HeadShot Photographer : Assistant, Digital Operator, Set up lights


Photography experience

Full-time professional (paid work)

Coming from almost 3 years working as a professional photographer in Italy and having completed my 3 years studies in "Graphic design & visual communication", I have a great knowledge of set preparing, lightening techniques, advertisement and lifestyle.

I completed my bachelor degree in February 2015 in "New technologies of arts" at the University of Venice (IT). During my academic career I focused mostly on web & sound design, 3D modelling, marketing, social media and advertisement graphics.

Thanks to my various experiences working for different professional photo studios and different graphic designers, I had the opportunities to come in touch and adapt myself to several new environments. My portfolio is various, having worked from weddings, interior design, portraits and fashion. I think photography is about capturing souls, is a way of thinking, of telling a story, of feeling, of loving.

I'm confident with mac and windows too, also lightroom, photoshop, illustrator and indesign.

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