Bethany Bryan

Influencer, Dancer, Teacher / Choreographer, Singer, Guitarist,… more

Shrewsbury, United Kingdom
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Credits & experience

  • NGM Performing Arts Academy : Dance/Vocalist


Vocal ability

Lead singer

I play the guitar, violin and recently picking up the piano again. I went to a performing arts academy in Bristol where i was trained vocally by a man called Simon who had been a performer in the west end. I've sang at the Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury and since October 2013 I've been gigging in Shrewsbury, wellington and Welshpool. I've also performed at a few little day festivals. I'm a Singer/Songwriter and also compose all of my own music.


I've danced all my life and done everything from the ballet and contemporary to street. I gave up dancing when my school exams was going on and then didn't pick it back up properly until i had done 3 more years after that at college. I went to a Performing Arts Academy in Bristol where i did contemporary, ballet techniques, street, creative and choreography. We had evaluations every half term to a term to be assessed on our individual dancing and our dance as a group. Since finishing the year I've choreographed with the ballet teacher at Theatre Severn and i've done a show there. I want to pursue my passion for Street dance in any way i can.

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