Why Applying for Hollywood Immersive was the Best Decision This Actor Ever Made
Posted by Kalista Campbell on 23 Oct, 2018

Why Applying for Hollywood Immersive was the Best Decision This Actor Ever Made

Georgia Crisfield is a young actor from Melbourne, who won our Hollywood Immersive competition back in early 2017. Georgia first applied – and was chosen as a finalist – in 2016, proving that perseverance really is key. If at first, you don't succeed, try, try again.

Read on to find out more about Georgia's Hollywood Immersive journey and what she's planning for the future.

How long have you been on StarNow, and what prompted you to join?
I've been on StarNow for a few years now. I joined when I was about 18 years old and originally joined StarNow to see what kind of local opportunities I could apply for directly.

You were lucky enough to win our Hollywood Immersive competition in May 2017. What was it like to find out you'd been selected out of more than 11,000 other applicants?
Finding out that I had won was one of the most bizarre and exciting things that has ever happened to me. When I first found out, I was just so shocked and happy to have been chosen that I didn't really think about what it really meant to win the competition.

It took a while for me to grasp that I had been chosen out of so many people, and that I should give myself a pat on the back. I think it was easier for other people to appreciate the crazy amount of applicants – and the achievement of winning – than it was for me. I would often shy away from it. But by the time the program rolled around, I'd come to fully understand the weight of the opportunity and was really proud of myself – and ready for the experience!

Tell us a little bit about your Hollywood Immersive experience. What was a typical day like for you?
A typical day started early, around 6.45am for a hike up to Griffith Observatory. We then got ready for the day and had lovely group breakfast with our private chef, Kaz. By 9.15, we were off to start our day of scene study at the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

The evenings would feature a guest such as a Casting Director or Manager, who would run the final workshop of the day. This is where we would receive feedback on monologues and cold reads. By 10pm, we were exhausted but full of new information and would usually either head for bed or work on our scenes in preparation for the next day.

One of the best parts of the program was how often every person in the group got the chance to present their work. It gave each of us the opportunity to work with direction, and helped me improve on dealing with my nerves.

What was your favourite memory from the Hollywood Immersive program?
All the wonderful people I worked with and the friends I made! Leaving L.A., I felt so lucky to have been taught by such passionate and skilled people, and I was constantly grateful for how willing people are to help. It made the prospect of working overseas feel possible, knowing there are kind, supportive people to reach out to.

How do you think that experience has shaped your career plan moving forward?
It's empowered me with so much valuable information. I feel a lot more confident in pursing projects and being proactive at building relationships. It also helped to break down the American market for me and explained the necessary requirements to work there.

Since completing the program I've been working to build my credits to increase the chances of being approved for an O1 artists visa – something I didn't know of previously. It's also motivated me to immerse myself in the Australian industry as much as possible and has given me practical tools to do so.

What advice would you give someone who's considering applying for our latest Hollywood Immersive competition?
If you're on the fence – apply! You can only gain from the experience. Treat it like any other audition. Prepare. The best part of auditioning for Hollywood Immersive is that you get to choose your own material. Take the time to choose something well written, that suits you, and that you enjoy!

The first time I applied, I worked on my material alone and was shortlisted. The second time, I filmed with a coach to make sure I was confident and happy with the work. It's such a rare opportunity to do whatever material you want. Most of all you want to make sure you present work you are proud of, and for me, working with a coach meant I could also use the opportunity to advance my skills. Aside from preparing the work properly, make sure you film somewhere with good lighting and sound so you give your work the best opportunity to be seen.

What kind of projects are you working on currently?
I am currently in pre-production for an independent horror feature filming in November.

How would you like to see your career evolve in the next five years?
In the next five years, I would like to have worked in larger roles in Australian film and TV. Having worked in smaller guest roles, I'm very much hoping to move into series regular opportunities. I'm very passionate about telling Australian stories on screen and would like to work more in the independent film scene before exploring the American or Canadian market.

Our current Hollywood Immersive competition is closing soon – so if you haven't applied – what are you waiting for?

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