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  • Sharna and Ryan's wedding
  • Rod and Elaine's anniversary
  • Kara and John's wedding


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I can work with you anywhere in Auckland. I am available for TFP/TF-CD and paid assignments. At present, I do limited TFP photo sessions. Photo sessions are cost negotiable so ask! If I contact you, I'm usually willing to work on a TF basis.

I'm willing to photograph: Art, Casual, Commercial (Head and Promos), Edgy (Alt, Goth, Punk, Industrial, Burlesque, etc), Fashion, Lingerie, Nude (implied), Swimwear, Costumed, Fetish (negotiable), Pin-up, Headshots/Portraiture and Special events/Parties.

If I work with a model who is nude, semi-nude, implied nude or has any substantial amount of skin showing, I guarantee the images will be done tastefully and creatively.

As a policy, I prefer not working with under-age subjects (18+, sorry). I will consider these shoots on a case by case basis. My requirement is minors have an escort. This is based on liability and personal experience. These are difficult shoots due to logistics and the greater measure of care that must be exercised to protect the subject and the photographer.

At present, I have a 550 sq ft studio. This includes many 10' x 20' set of backdrops, (pictorial themed) or pure white, black, grey etc., para reflectors, softboxes, lights, background flash and posing mirror. Shots are tethered. I can also use a number of shooting locations around the area instead of a set studio. This means, I'm willing to travel and shoot in unique locations and settings and much of my gear is portable.

Important Announcement.
If I contact you, it means I'm willing to shoot TFP. My time and yours is valuable. ALL other (non-TF) shoots will require a sitting fee ($75) and negotiable shooting rate per hour. I have an established group of amazingly creative models and make-up artists I work with and will continue to (TF). If we haven't worked together before, don't worry, I'm still approachable. If you have a concept or proposal that is creative, unique, collaborative and positively will add to my portfolio; let's meet and discuss it.

Note, I normally like to meet with models and new MUA's in advance of a shoot (no charge). I do this so that all the parties in a potential shoot have the chance to chat and be comfortable with the manner, character and personalities of the other people involved.

Since joining this site,I've enjoyed doing photoshoots with various models. I'm here to meet new friends and models to collab with to make awesome photos. I have some ideas and would like to hear some of your ideas as well. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Remember to have fun with whatever you do. If it's not fun, why do it?

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