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Caminauta - Extinct

01Caminauta - Extinct
02Caminauta - Extinct EP - Crevasse
03Caminauta - Magical Piano Piece
04Caminauta - Extinct EP - Semantic Fog
05Caminauta - Extinct EP - Estalactitas
06Caminauta - Fragments
07Caminauta - Fragments - Almost Home
08Caminauta - Fragments - Singular
09Caminauta - Fragments - Escape

Credits & experience

  • Soul Blindness - Documentary (Director: Margarida Paiva) : Composer, Sound Designer
  • The Clock Doctor - Short Film (Director Emmet O'Brien) : Composer
  • HANNAH - Short Film (Director: Sahyan Hekmat) : Composer
  • Almost Home - Short Film (Director: Emmet O'Brien) : Composer
  • 63 Miles Away - Short Film (Directed by Emma Josephson ) : Composer
  • Bliain - Short Film (Director: Emmet O'Brien) : Composer


Keyboard ability


Composer ability


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Favourite genres
  • Rock
  • Indie
  • Electronic
  • Jazz
  • Classical

Influences: Brian Eno

I specialise in musical composition and sound design for films and other media, for the past few years, I've been working with several short movies and documentaries, released a number of solo works and engaged in dozens of collaborative projects with various artists from all over the world, in countries like Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Chile, Ireland & Sweden. It has ever since become my goal to become a fully fledged film composer and expand the scope of my faculties into the world of sound art and beyond.

I am well educated to work with the most modern digital audio workstations and various licenced software that I own, and possessing sufficient knowledge of mixing, mastering and sound design to perform my work dutifully and with quality.

I am constantly busy writing music every day on a full-time basis and I take my work very seriously. I am an open-minded and enthusiastic individual with the core idea of my aspirations to contribute to the world with beautiful and meaningful ideas which I believe makes it a little better place to live in.

- Expertise with Digital Audio Workstations on Windows and Mac (Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live, ProTools);
- Expertise with VST and Plugins necessary to audio mixing and editing;
- Expertise working with sound effect libraries;
- Expertise in music recording, editing and mixing;
- Strong management, coordination and communication skills.

- Integration of audio into video material as a part of the composing process;
- Knowledge of video editing and production working units and teams;
- Musical knowledge (music theory and applied music studies);
- Understanding of technical constraints and loudness normalisation requirements for broadcast & stream media (True-Peak, LUFS, EBU R-128, etc.)
- Technical knowledge of sound synthesis and Digital Signal Processing (theoretical studies and applications in musical synths);
- Time and priority management skills;
- Good sense of initiative and proactive;
- Proficient knowledge of English and Spanish languages.

Film & Stage Crew

Post Production & Editing ability


Sound Crew ability


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