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Actor, Extra, Model, TV Presenter, Radio Presenter

Guildford, United Kingdom
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BUPA TV Ad soundtrack audio demo

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01BUPA TV Ad soundtrack audio demo
02The all new Jaguar XJ audio demo
03Asterix et Clément
04Clement Court Voiceover Demo- audio clip
05Cruise Nation Clement Court

Physical Attributes

175 cm / 5ft 9in
75 kg / 165 lbs
White / Caucasian
101 cm / 40 in
Skin color:
86 cm / 34 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • The Corrupted : Party Guest / Dinner Guest
  • Holby : Patient Visitor
  • Voyages of Doctor Dolittle : Valet, page, doorman
  • Mourner : Mission Impossible 6
  • Gumshoe : Coffee shop person and parade visitor
  • Vanity Fair : Mourning still
  • Harlots : London Gentleman
  • Swords & Scepters : Privy Councellor
  • White Gold : Conference attendee
  • Vanity Fair : Mourner
  • Melrose : Party Person
  • Harlots : Posh Gentleman
  • Holby City : Sick patient
  • Nasty Women : Traveller
  • Mary Queen of Scots : Privy councillor
  • The Royals : Journalist/Photographer
  • Teen Spirit : village Hall spectator
  • Voltaire (fantastic) : Circus audience
  • Trollied : Regular Shopper
  • End of the Fu**ing world : Diner
  • Peterloo Massacre : Privy councillor
  • Mary Poppins Returns : Opening Credits passer-by
  • Mary Poppins Returns : Double & standin for Dick Van Dyke
  • The Miniaturist BBC Drama : Court Spectator
  • Fighting with my family : Prison Guard
  • Midsomer Murders s20 : Bar fly
  • Mary Poppins Returns : Double and Stand-in
  • The Crown s2 : Many and various background
  • The Current War : Court Spectator
  • The Crown s2 : Cabinet Minister, Privy Councillor, Man about town
  • Loaded : Yacht owner
  • Entebbe : Hostage
  • The Crown s2 : Cabinet Minister at cabinet meeting
  • The Kingsman (Golden Circle) : Wedding Photos
  • Holby City : Napoleon Flash Dancer for Dying Doctor
  • Loaded : 4 star restaurant diner
  • Finding you feet : Chauffeur
  • Paddy Power Commercials : Various sporting spectator
  • Victoria and Abdul : Sailing ship passenger/traveller
  • The Royals : Lord and privy councillor
  • Crooked House (Agatha christie who dunnit) : Murder scene nosy parker
  • Horrible Histories : Medieval peasant, Viking warrior, Stuart, and early 17th c. travel enthusiast
  • Hettie Feather : Passing benefactor
  • Film Stars don't die in Liverpool : Theatre audience
  • Breathe : Picnic and Cricket Match spectator
  • The Hitman's Bodyguard : Passer by
  • Midsomer Murders : Cafe visitor, villager and car driver
  • The Kingsman, the golden circle : Member of Swedish Royal Family, wedding guest.
  • Guilt (USA TV series) : Patron of the arts in gallery
  • The Crown : Equerry to the Queen. Ascot Races
  • Holby City : Napoleonic Society flash dancer
  • Wonder Woman : Trafalgar square crowd
  • Listen In : Application voiceover. Rehabilitation for stroke sufferers
  • Taboo : attendee at the district hearing for debt recovery. Music Hall audience
  • Wonder Woman : Man walking along street
  • Bridget Jones' Baby : Colleague of the deceased at memorial service
  • Holby city : Visitor
  • Midsomer Murders (Dying Art and Harvest of Souls) : Art display visitor/village Pub customer
  • Silent Harmony (short film) : Credited park sitter
  • Spectre Feature film (007) : Restaurant Diner
  • Undercooked : Sitcom Pilot program. Credited office worker
  • Genius - Feature film : Train ticket collector
  • Tulip Fever feature film : Tulip trader
  • The theory of everything : Village pub customer
  • Miracle on the Hudson TV documentary : Crash survivor
  • Holby City (3 episodes) : Multiple roles, Patients and visitor
  • Rush feature Film : Race Marshall, Various parts
  • The Look of Love : Reporter court room scene
  • Suzuki Car advertisement : Background office worker
  • 'Fable of the front door' - Farrow and Ball paints : Voiceover - web feature
  • Outside Bet : Feature film, fight scene
  • Amdram, The two and the Many : Voice-over Web plays
  • Dexway Language course : Voice-over - old man in conversation
  • Odd One In, Air crash Confidential, The Morgana show : TV programs. Pannel game, air accident drama (Pilot), comedy sitcom
  • Midsomer Murders : Appearances in 11 episodes
  • Battling for freedom : Technical Extra
  • Trafalgar 200 : Gun Captain aboard the tallship Kaskelot
  • Musical tour of britain : Performing with the Royal Philharmonic and Midlands Light symphony Orchestras (1812 and Battle symphony)
  • Malta Celebrations French defeat : Gun Captain in Battle reconstructions - various


Acting experience


  • English
  • French

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh

2016 February 'Wonder Woman' armistice day in Trafalgar square

2016 February 'Listen In' - Voice over for an application to help rehabilitate stroke victims.

2016 January/February 'Taboo' TV series with Tom Hardy and Oona chaplin. creditor and music hall goer

2015 December 'Wonder Woman' - London street scene background.

2015 November 'Bridget Jones' Baby' - Colleague of the deceased at a memorial service with Firth and Zellweger

2015 October 'Overcooked' featured office worker Television pilot

2015 October Holby City - Visitor

2015 October Midsomer Murders - Harvest of Souls - pub customer

2015 July Midsomer Murders - A dying Art - Art Exhibition visitor

2015 May 007 - Spectre - Restaurant Diner

2014 Nov Genius - Ticket Inspector scene with Firth and Law.

2014 Nov Holby City - Patient

2014 July Tulip Fever - Investor in tulip bulbs.

2013 Oct - The Theory of Everything - the life of Stephen Hawking - drinker in pub

2013 Sep - Midsomer Murders - The Killings of Copenhagen (100th episode) - Mourner at funeral.

2013 Aug - Midsomer Murders - Teddy Boy at an air show/revival meet.

2013 June Miracle on the Hudson. Air crash survivor.

2013 Jul - Holby City Continuity same patient.

2013 Jun - Holby City Patient.

2013 Jun - Midsomer Murders "Wild Harvest" s16e2. Restaurant diner.

2012 May - Suzuki Cars (swift) advertisement Background Office.

2012 May Midsomer Murders "Death and the Divas" s15e3. Film Festival goer.

2012 May "Rush" 1976 F1 race marshall.

2012 April "The look of Love" the life of Paul Raymond. Various characters

2012 March The voice of Farrow & Ball (paints) "The Fable of the Front Door"

2012 Jan Featured actor, Captain-Pilot on "Air Crash Confidential" episode 5

2011 Nov Narrrator for comedy sitcom Pilot 'AMDRAM' Student film

2011 Aug Midsomer Murders "A Rare Bird" s14e8 1st violinist performance of Swan Lake.

2011 May Voiceover. continuing the voice of Jonas in 'The Two and the Many' a web radio play

2011 Jan "outside-bet" pub/club scenes with bar brawl stunt work.

2010 Oct New Channel 4 comedy show Morgana Robinson. Party person!

2011 Oct Voiceover. Jonas in 'The two And The Many' Pilot web Radio play.

2010 Sep Louie Spence's Show Business. Air passenger in dance scene.

2010 July. Midsomer Murders s14e1 "Death in the slow lane" Various roles

2010 May - Midsomer Murders's "Not In My Back Yard" s13e7 Villager at Garden party, and police sergeant.

2010 May. Odd One In new ITV1 TV show. French onion seller.

2010 May. Voice recording for English language course. English how she should be spoke.

2010 May. Villager in Midsomer Murders s13e6 "The Noble Art" . garden fete stall holder

2006 “Battling for Freedom” an historical documentary - Technical extra gun/cannon crew on board ship

2005 July Gun Captain aboard a featured tall ship Kaskelot in Southampton sound / Portsmouth Harbour for Trafalgar 200 celebrations. Master of a battery of 16 cannon.

Various musical shows featured with the Royal Philharmonic and touring with the Midlands light Symphony Orchestra at performances around Britain. Playing the Cannon

2000 Sept Malta celebrations, Cannon master 200 years since the French left their shores, evicted by the British. Battle scenes and montages, displays and demonstrations.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Also known as "Richard" because Richard Gere bears an uncanny resemblance to me!

I am able to provide a large selection of costumes from my WARDROBE including:

Police officer. Summer / winter patrol, High vis, riot gear (inc helmet and shield) Radio, utility belt with cuffs pepper spray etc.
Security Guard. Prison warder.

1776 Royal artillery uniform with tool belt and ammunition box and tricorn hat. I can optionally supply a cannon and musket too.

Aviator style/motor racing leather helmet, goggles and sheepskin flying jacket 1910-1930.

Early 20th century shooting tweed suit, or Harris tweed jacket and cap with tweed plus fours or plus twos with brogues. Hunting shooting horse racing.

Chauffeur uniform, doorman, waiter, Kitchen cook / chef whites, kitchen and serving attire.

Arab/desert wear.

Sailing waterproofs and deck wear. Golfing gear (sweater, tartan trews and spikey shoes, and clubs)

Motorcycle leathers, boots, helmet, gloves (can provide Motorcycle too if required)

Vicar, Priest, Cleric, medieval monk

White tie (Top hat (black silk, black felt, white felt, and Grey)and tails, or morning suit), Black Tie (Dinner Jacket (DJ)), Bowler hat and many more hats to suit most occasions. . Morning suit (ascot, wedding funeral) . frock coat.

Vintage 50's 60's 70's 80's etc
Full teddy boy gear. Drape and brothel creepers with socks to match, bolo tie and collar wingtips,

Period 50's jeans and blue suede shoes, 60's drainpipes winkle pickers! stunning.

1930's American gangster pinstripe suit with spats like brogue shoes.

American cowboy (stetson hat, shirt, jeans chaps waistcoat and boots)

Ask and I will try to provide.

TV & Reality

"Louie Spence's Show Business"
"Odd One In" (Zepotron/Endemol)
"Midsomer Murders" (All3media)
“Battling for Freedom” (Indigo films for Discovery Channel)


TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

Radio presenter experience

No previous Radio presenter experience

  • English
  • French

  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Posh

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