Dee Pinomi

Actor, Extra, Model, Influencer, Other Film & Stage Crew

Auckland, New Zealand
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Physical Attributes

188 cm / 6ft 2in
110 kg / 242 lbs
Pacific Islander
115 cm / 45 in
Skin color:
117 cm / 46 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Amazon (LOTR) : Stand In
  • Shortland Street ( Webisode ) : Body Double
  • Shorthand Street (Webisodes) : Featured Role (Gang Member)
  • Blankets : Feature role (Gate Keeper)
  • The Polynesian Panthers Production : Family role ( father and son )
  • Power Rangers Dino Charge : Extra (Fair Goers)
  • Gulf Production (Block3) : Featured role (Prison Guard)
  • Featured Film (Nude Tuesday) : Featured role (Security Guard)
  • Gulf Production (Block3) : Featured role (Prison Guard)
  • Cowboy Bebop : Restaurant patron
  • Gulf Production : Featured role (Prison Guard)
  • Cold Case NZ : Featured role (Sheep shearer)
  • Goodoil Production : Extra (Shop goers)
  • South Pacific Productions (Westside) : Featured role (Bodyguard)
  • South Pacific Productions (SLS) : Extra (paiteint)
  • Ausgarage Pty Ltd : Lead Role
  • B83 Media Production : Character Role
  • Awa Films Production : Featured Character Role ( Father n Son combination ) )
  • ABC Studios : Extra
  • Sky TV : Featured Role (Rugby player)
  • Cornia Entertaiment (Tainted Rain) : Lead Role (Doctor)
  • Screen Time NZ (Toke) : Featured Role (Forklift driver)
  • Fuhu Production : ADR
  • Student Film (A Message of Fate) : Lead Role ( Detective )
  • South Pacific Productions : Extra (SLS)
  • South Pacific Productions : Featured Role (The Sounds)
  • See-saw Production (TV Series "TLOM") : Featured Role (Monkey King Bodyguard)
  • Whitiora Production : Short Film (Featured Role)
  • Paperoad Production (Short Film) : Featured Role (Firemen)
  • NZTA : Featured Role
  • Corpstudio : Lead Role.
  • Music Production : Featured Role
  • Music Production : Lead Role.
  • Oversea Production : Voiceover (Demonic Character) Short Film
  • Music Production : Featured Role
  • Little Cactus Media : Lead Role.
  • YR Casting Production : Played a wrestling character with a dialogue, auditioning actors and kids for a movie called "Byron'To'a".
  • Fuhu Production : Featured Role for a movie called "Byron'To'a" coming to cinemas near you soon.


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • Danish
  • Tongan

  • New Zealand
  • Pacific Islander

I found my love for working on film while helping a great and lovely woman name Yevette Reid, who is a Director/Casting Director. I helped her while auditioning young and bright talented kids for a New Zealand film. I had played a wrestling character and played a gang member while helping her through this. It was such an eye opener for myself on how actual films are made, produced and what hard work it takes to complete one. I am enjoying every moment on set and it's been a pleasure working along side some of the greatest actors and actresses we have in our homeland called New Zealand. I am empowered to showcase more of who I am as an actor, through film, tv series, commercials and anything with small to main roles. I know that I can incorporate my life skills that I have gained through studies, coaching, training and mentoring, I can bring something different to each character I play. Hoping that I can persue this career and create a future for my family and show them that anything can happen if you put in the hard work and have a never give up attitude with a passion to succeed. Thank you and God Bless.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles

I am an experience Actor who can read large passage of dialogues. My passion for acting in the filming industry right through to commercials and TV series is a part of who I am. Its my way of show casing my talent and knowledge to those who are willing to take risks on me, to captured the essence of a character in there production. Stay humble stay true respect all and have a never give up attitude is what I stand for in my life. Blessings


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Haven't done modelling because I am too handsome for the camera...hahaha I mean my humour is. On a serious note, I would love to try it out.


Working along side mental health patients and loved ones.

Being there where my mates and family members need someone to talk to through there struggle with depression, suicide, anxiety.

Working alongside troubled youth.

Being a Mentor for troubled youth.

Coaching junior rugby.

Coaching touch/tag.

Teaching basic basketball fundamental to our youth.

Teaching basic boxing/kickboxing to young kids and adults.

Being a influencer leader, leading a team of 50 security guards through major events.

Being an big influence in my family's life.

TV & Reality

Would love the opportunity to showcase my talent through any productions that's available here in homeland New Zealand or anywhere in the country. You will not be disappointed.

Film & Stage Crew

Choreography ( fight scene )
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