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Manchester, United Kingdom
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Dennis Gerald Audioreel

This is a compilation of audio clips performed by Dennis Gerald and produced by Lou Farrow.

01Dennis Gerald Audioreel
02Bombay Saphire
03Alfa Romeo
04The 'Tony Wilson' interview
05Grumpy Wythenshawe Men
06The Rani Moorthy Interview
07Denger Aud-ition 2
010Radio Show Sample
11So the question is: Who Am I ?
12Audition Audio
13'Today Is Monday'
14Encounter Gospel Concert Narration
16Tis Only We Who Grieve
18Those Big Questions
19Dr Hardwicke 1
20Remote working
21Continuity announcer
22Socially Ferral by Inchy McBastad
23"In The Past Test"audition clip.
25The World's Not Fair
26Continuity announcer audition
27IT IS FINISHED Easter Audio Sample
28Reluctant tears (MAV)

Physical Attributes

172 cm / 5ft 8in
63 kg / 138 lbs
Black / African descent
106 cm / 42 in
Skin color:
85 cm / 33 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Home Studios in Sheffield : Mature model for Home agency(The Racing Post) photo shoot
  • Poynton:Paisley Productions ltd : Head of the Shepherd family in a Nativity with a difference.
  • Worksop CoOp Funeral Svs : Mourner for the deceased.
  • Manchester : On-Screen Narrator for "Rap Puppet Videos"
  • Manchester : On-Screen Narrator for "Rap Puppet Videos"
  • Manchester : Narrator for "Heavy Pencil" a brand new reality tv show on Prime Video.
  • Nottingham : Principal character - ad campaign for Co-op Funeral service
  • BUPA ad campaign- South Manchester. : Consultant/Doctor
  • Fort Dunlop, Birmingham : Major brand - ad campaign x 2 (Store representative)
  • Sandi Hodkinson Studio, Stretford,Mcr. : Promotional shoot with Actor/Presenter/Model, Stephanie Worrall.
  • Manchester : Playing role of Dennis Brook,Regional Director at JLL
  • Street Cars brand shoot at Mcr Airport for Shootbusiness Media. : Playing Tayo a visiting Architect from Africa
  • Brand shoot at UMIST for an IT Solutions business. : Mature model for brand shoot.
  • "Undivided" Peel Buildings,Salford University : Doctor of Psychiatry
  • Rino Pucci Photography Studio in Manchester : Voiceover for Video animation.
  • Various locations in Central Manchester : Promotional photo shoot for MCM Comic Con as a model
  • York University : Presenter for the Encephalitis Society.
  • Nottingham (Studio & Location) : Mature model for Boots Opticians (Spring range)
  • Burnley,Lancashire. : Presenter: For The Safer Food Group
  • Oldham,near Manchester : I'm the crying man in a music video for Pearl City
  • Liverpool Central : Playing Fabio,a forgetful IT tech bod with a penchant for the colour green.
  • Script in Hand live performance of "Women of My Dreams" at Home theatre,Manchester : Playing Sheka,husband of Jada.
  • Media City : This role sees me playing a teacher in a gritty and relevant drama,directed by Ryan Mulvey and produced by Robert Foulkes
  • Wirral & Liverpool location shoot: LCAM 360 VIDEO "Fear Kills" Campaign : Doctor Maddocks
  • Halfords Cycle Promo video in Cheltenham : Cyclist/Presenter couple
  • Studio and location (On screen Narrator) : On screen Narrator on 'The Story of the Mods'
  • Stock footage branding shoot in various locations in Manchester : Mature model..Branding shoot.
  • Corporate video for Hyperfine Video at a Media City location. : Business man
  • Narration : Narrator for 'Freedom of the Mind' a production by Laura Jayne Greenhalgh.
  • Online film footage for Soup Creative. : Role of Father and husband.
  • Online film footage for Places Gym (Preston) : Featured character and Gym user.
  • Greenscreen presentation for a major security organisation. : Presenter in the guise of a Security Officer
  • West Midlands Tourism iDent : Playing the role of a Tourist.
  • London Location shoot : Editorial Photographic shoot by Photographer,John Adrian.
  • SKELETONS a 'short' by Marcus Lee : Playing the role of Lawrence the (Dad)
  • Belong Communications: London : Part 2: The culmination of a fly on the wall type documentary for a pension company
  • Street Cast Models: Studio shoot,London. : Actor/Model studio stock shoot in London.
  • Dean Mitchell Photography in the West Midlands : Model/Actor for Stock shoot images.
  • 'Encounter' (Gospel Concert) by Kunmi Ogunsola : Narration for a multi-media gospel concert in Manchester.
  • Belong Communications: London : A factual fly on the wall type documentary about retirement(Manchester)
  • 'Sunflower' A short movie by Kunmi Ogunsola : Co-star:Bode
  • Commercial for NetBet at Media City by DiceLondon : Supporting Artist in a scene from 'Wolf of Wall Street'
  • Corporate Behavioural Video shoot : Actor :Exec in corporate environment
  • A Thousand Media : Acting Testimonial for pain relief product.
  • Police Drama by a major Broadcaster : PC (Police Constable)
  • BBC1's Ordinary Lies : Playing Father of the Bride
  • Filmed In Manchester: ITV'S :The Trials of Jimmy Rose (Final part of 3 part series) : The Trials of Jimmy Rose playing : Doctor
  • The Syndicate (Series 3) : Kay Mellor-scripted drama 'The Syndicate' playing a Newspaper Journalist
  • 1946 : Radio Play : Second World War Battlefield Radio Drama playing Dr.Michael Marsh at Media City Manchester, UK
  • Narrator for corporate video. : Narration of corporate video for one of the UK's largest salvage organisations.
  • 'The New News Guy' a 'short' written and produced by Ryan Law. : My character is 'Mick' head of news in a fast paced studio environment.
  • 'Philadelphia' a short by Louise Farrow based on the 1993 movie written by Ron Nyswaner. : My character is the lawyer 'Joe Miller' played by Denzel Washington
  • Fresh Cut Media : Corporate Showreel Demo Shoot
  • Play Media Training : Radio & TV Presenting Workshop
  • WFM 97.2 (Local Radio Station) : Broadcast Journalist
  • Hollyoaks : Supporting Artist
  • Coronation Street : Supporting Artist
  • Boy Meets Girl : Supporting Artist
  • Clash of The Santas : Cameroon Santa
  • Wired : Supporting Artist
  • The Street : Supporting Artist


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

Away from presenting my acting experience includes a speaking role in 'Brookside' Channel 4's Soap Opera from the 1980's. I've also featured in most of the regional soap operas with prominent Supporting roles.

I played the part of Cameroon Santa in Robson Green's 'Clash of the Santa’s, first aired in December of 2009.
My experience also includes 'Supporting Artist' roles in ‘Boy Meets Girl’ directed by Alrick Riley, ‘Wired’ and ‘The Street’ by Jimmy McGovern. In 2014 I had supporting roles in 2 'shorts' ‘Philadelphia’ & ‘Bad News Day’. In 2016 I was the principal Actor in ‘Sunflower the movie’ by Kunmi Ogunsola . Links to samples of the above and others,are below:

I fronted and produced a magazine type radio show for 10 years on a local radio station in Manchester.
I attended and graduated from a professional radio presenter’s course at the Radio School under the tutorship of Bruno Brooks and his team.

I'm a professionally trained Voice-over Artist.


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

I have years of experience as a Web Video Presenter presenting pieces to camera for corporate and commercial organisations.

My previous acting experience includes a speaking role in 'Brookside' Channel 4's Soap Opera from the 1980's

I've also featured in most of the regional soap operas with prominent Supporting Artist roles.

Away from the soaps I recently played the part of Cameroon Santa in Robson Green's 'Clash Of The Santas'.Aired around Christmas time 2009 and 2010. Also undertaken 'Supporting Artist' roles in Boy Meets Girl directed by Alrick Riley,Wired and The Street by Jimmy McGovern.

Presented and produced a magazine type radio show for 10 years on a local radio station.(A short montage of the show is attached as an audio file).

Undertaken and graduated from professional radio presenters course at the Radio School under the tutorship of Bruno Brooks and his team.

I'm a professionally trained Voice-over Artist.


TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

Radio presenter experience

Previous paid Radio presenter roles

  • English

  • UK English

I am a credible and seasoned Presenter with experience of working with 'Green screen' and 'Auto-cue'.
In my role as a Presenter on local radio, if not the last, I was certainly one of the last to interview 'Mr Manchester' himself: Anthony H Wilson, at length before his untimely demise.
A Smoother Mix was conceived,researched,produced and presented by myself for more than 10 years.
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