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Actor, Model, Dancer

London, United Kingdom
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Faye Sewell Reel 2017

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Faye Sewell Reel 2016

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Faye Sewell Comedy reel 2016

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Woodpecker Wooliams - Crow

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Faye Sewell Acting reel 2014

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The Script - Millionaires

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Faye Sewell Speedreel 2013

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Quality Street Monologue

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'My Real Father' monologue

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Physical Details

162 cm / 5ft 4in
White / Caucasian
50 kg / 110 lbs
Skin color:
81 cm / 32 in
Eye color:
66 cm / 26in
Hair color:
88 cm / 35in
Hair length:
Dress Size:
6 - 8
Hair type:


  • T.V.I Actors studio (Los Angeles) : Full time professional actors screen training
  • Theatre & Drama full-time programme : Kinsale College
  • Camera acting/stage acting training courses, PT : Gaeity School of Acting, Cork



A reading of the short story "Arthur the Rat"- read in my natural accent.

Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

Acting agent

John Doe Management

  • English

  • UK English

Union memberships
  • Equity

Currently in pre-production: A lead role in a new Horror feature, details to follow.

Some of my credits are listed below:


Project: Role: Company Director

2017: Volvo commercial "moments" -Adult Hannah- Newland Production - Gustav Johannsson

2017: "Three Dots and a Dash" (Feature) -Nadia (A lead) -Wordsmith Entertainment -Kiran Valipa Venkat

2016: "Wrong Direction" (Film) -Stephanie -Red Lock Films Abbie Lucas

2016: "Relationshit" (series) - June -The Friction Ivy Jelisavac

2016: "The Spawning" (Feature) -Karen -Dark Heart Films Simon M Riley

2016: "Fox: A Documentary" (VO) -The Narrator -Strawlane Productions Juno Jakob

2016: "Cat Skin" (feature) -April -DG films Daniel Grasskamp

2015: "Parallel" (feature) -Heather -Parallel Entertainment Ieva Makselyte

2015: "Avengers:Age of Ultron" -Oslo lab scientist - Marvel Joss Whedon

2015: "How to win at everything" (series) -Army cadet -IWC Media/Nat. Geographic

2015: "Self-control" (short) -Becky- -ClockPunk Films- Stanislava Buevich

2015: "The Voice" - (short) -Fran- -Patternmaker films ltd - Neilson Black

2014: "Alice: Through the looking glass" - double for Alice (Mia Wasikowska)- Disney -James Bobin

2014:"Rockband Vs Vampires" (feature)-Anna Winterford- Clockwork heart/ABBAS Films- Malcolm Galloway/Raed Abbas

- "Dark Energy" (sci-fi short) Una the android Dead Sheep Films Lee Saunders
-"The Crow" (Music Video) -Girl 2 (A lead) Woodpecker Wooliams Leonardo Machado
- "De Nacht" (Short) - Lead Girl -Planet Caravan Films- Alana McVerry/Shell Coe
-The Script(Music video)"Millionaires" -The Best friend -Nice & Polite - Paul Banks
-"Hurdles" (Short)- Ellie- Pattern Maker Films Ltd- Neilson Black
- "Growing Pains"(Short) - Lotti -Pattern Maker films Ltd -Neilson Black
- Print Commercial for Zipcar- Happy Couple-Girl- 3rd of May Productions -Peter Mallory

2012/2013: "Thor: The Dark World" (Feature)- 'Jane Foster' Double (Natalie Portman)- Marvel Studios - Directed by Alan Taylor

-V.I.P celebrity/model for feature film "Rush."
-"Extreme" (TV pilot)- role: Marysia- Brick & Pin films- dir.Gavin Toomey & starring Caroline Quentin.
-"Farm" (Voice-over) - The Butterfly/child- dir. Gus McLachlan- Spare room films ltd.
-Bonnie in US feature film "Culture Shock" -Dir. Steve Balderson, Dikenga films.
- Documentary re-construction of a sex trafficking case- playing victim, Elena- at ages 15 and 18 yrs. Dir. Laura Neal.
-Lead role of Cindy in "Sparrow" (feature film) a Teen Slasher, shot on location in Poland.
Dir. Shaun Troke. Produced by East Pictures SA & Wojceich Stuchlik films.
- Kathy in short: "When I was a painter"-dir Alex Wood.

-Trained in Los Angeles on T.V.I studio's full time professional Actor's screen training programme.

3 yrs medieval weapons training (sword, shield, dagger, archery)
Martial Arts (Kickboxing), swimming, yoga, art.
ACCENTS: Southern English (Native), UK (Various), RP, American (California, General.) Australian, Eastern European.


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

My modelling credits include:

Brand shoot - Russell Hobbs
'Inner warrior' shoot - England Rugby Promo
Healthcare campaign - Simply Health


* Handmodel for Bracelet shoot - Atolyestone
* Print campaign for Wella hair, Italy.
* Hair Model event for Tim Hartley (L'Oreal show)
*Business/corporate office shoot for Reel Deal.
* Workshop shoot
* Themed Beauty shoot
*Studio promo
*Hair model for Youtube Tutorial

*Hair show for Redken, London. Styling model.
*Model in Bowie themed shoot for Bowie project, release TBC.
* Hand Model- EE print commercial
* Hair & MU shoot, 2 looks - natural & Rock Chick.
* Hand Model shoot (TV)

* Body double - Mia Wasikowska ( Disney's"Alice: Through the Looking Glass")
* Print Commercial for Every Hotels. Role of the Socialiser.
*Studio wood-princess themed shoot with Ghene Snowden.

* Michelle-Louise 2014 Spring/Summer hair collection.
* Role of Wallada Bint Almustakfi- in a historical people shoot, by Heilah Alnasser.
*Princess shoot with Roxy Emary
*Fairy tale themed shoot for hair extensions. Shot by Ghene Snowden.
*The best friend in a music video for The Script- "Millionaires".
*Beauty call shoot- Bridal Beauty/make-up and hair.
*1920's makeup and hair
*Natwest Print commercial (HANDS ONLY- Hand-model.)
*Print commercial for Zipcar.
*Student in a life-style shoot by Wailing Banshee.
*One half of a happy couple for a life-style shoot shot by Seamus Ryan.

*Body & hand double for Natalie Portman in "Thor: The Dark World". (Marvel Studios.)

*London tourist clothing shoot for Spitalfields souvenirs.
*Promo for the Queen Elizabeth conference centre, Westminster.
*Corporate promo. for "Thinker-doer"
*Shoot for designer Ayesha Kundi.
* 1960's Model/Celebrity for V.I.P guest scenes in Hollywood feature film "Rush"
*Ripped fashion shoot with Will Brooker.

*Vintage editorial.
* Beach Location (Achill Island, Ireland) shoot with Gemma Dwane.
*Olympus PEN Camera catalogue.
*Silent movie/Film Noir/Vintage shoot.
*Olympus PEN Event model, London.
* Catalogue shoot for "Studs and Lace" Vintage Brand (as featured in Vogue)
*Vanity fair style Feature film character shoot with Hanna Kristina (For film role in "Sparrow")
*Shoot for Mahogany Hair Salon, London- promotional material, newspaper adverts & salon website.
*British Hair Awards - Mahogany Salon
*Hair shoot with Contrasti Salon (Event and photo-shoot)


Dancing ability


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