Trust & Safety
Trust & Safety

About this advertiser

A section called ‘About this advertiser’ can be found on every listing. It provides some basic information about the casting professional (i.e. the person who placed the listing): their location, when they joined StarNow, the total number of listings they’ve placed, and how many recommendations they’ve received from other members.

If you’re a casting professional, your recommendation total will only show if you have more than one. To receive more recommendations, you can move successful applicants into the ‘Got the part’ folder (to find it, click on ‘view applicants’ for each listing under ‘My Listings’). If you sign in to StarNow using your Facebook account, your Facebook friends who are StarNow members can also recommend you.

Facebook or email verified

If it says ‘Facebook verified’ in the ‘About this advertiser’ section, that means the casting professional’s StarNow account is connected to their Facebook account. If it says ‘Email verified’, that means they have signed in with their email address and helps us make sure they are active members.

To protect the casting professional’s privacy, none of the text in the ‘About this advertiser’ section is clickable.

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