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Bristol, United Kingdom


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J.D provided the voice over as Dr. Carrington, the famed british psychic researcher, for one episode of my web documentary series upon Spirituality. The submission was done in a timely manner, the file of a very high quality clean nature, and performed very fittingly for the character. Exactly what I had wanted for it. This is the 2nd ep JD has worked on for the series, and I would hope to make it a 3rd in the near future. Very talented strong VO actor

Recommended for Acting Jul 31, 2019

Working with JD during an audio recording session was wonderful. His vocal delivery was highly impeccable that he nailed majority of his lines perfectly. I admired his passion for recording that he guided me at times during takes and I was able to take note of how we were to convey the emotions of our characters to pull off remarkable performances. JD is very humble, articulate and competent and I am honoured to have worked with him and look forward to another collaboration.

Recommended for Acting May 17, 2018

JD did an exceptional job for a voice over that was a tough cast for me. He got it back to me very quickly as it was the last part needed to complete the episode. Furthermore he did the corrections very quickly and without any issues.

Recommended for Acting Nov 14, 2017

JD provided a voice over for a character in 1 episode of my docu-drama webseries, "The History of Spirituality." He delivered his piece in a timely fashion, and gave an excellent performance both in terms of technical and talent quality. Very clean beautiful sounding audio files. Very highly recommended.

Recommended for Acting Oct 10, 2017

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JD Kelly is an excellent actor. I've just been working with him on the audio for a fictional podcast called 'If Cain were Abel’, which will also be animated in the future. He performed his roles excellently on this project, and he takes direction well. He is very passionate about his craft, and he is meticulous when it comes to delivering the best performance possible.

Recommended for Acting Jan 30, 2017