Jennifer Dickert

Actor, Extra, Photographer, Dancer, Writer / Director

Niedersachsen, Germany
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This is a monologue from Shakespeare´s Henry the VI part 1. Joan of Arc/ la Pucelle delivers this s

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Physical Attributes

160 cm / 5ft 3in
62 kg / 136 lbs
White / Caucasian
Eye color:
Hair color:

Credits & experience

  • Paramedic : Finished my exam as a paramedic
  • Volunteer in Kosice/Slovakia for "Kulturweit", the voluntary services from the Federal Foreign Offic : I took part in a theatre integration project with Slovak and Roma students in cooperation with local an artist and teachers. Furthermore I taught German in different schools.
  • Final school exam play: God of the City - Der Gott der Stadt : Interpreted the poem God of the City. I played a double act: the king and the demon "inside" the king
  • School Production - Performed at the Hanau Theatre Festival : "Together - ALONE", a play written by me. A fusion between the books "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll and "The Metamorphosis" from Franz Kafka. I played one version of Alice.
  • Work experience at the Theatre School Studio in Frankfurt am Main : Took part in the acting courses: "Creating an ensemble" and "Finding a character".
  • "Macbeth"- Theatre school production at the Reynella East High School Australia (exchange student) : Portraying Lady Macbeth
  • "Henry´s Musical" - Theatre school production. : A musical written by my friend and me together. I played one of the main characters.
  • "Traitors like US" - performed at the Hanau Theatre Festival : I portrayed a student who rebelled against a strict social system


Acting experience

No previous acting experience

  • English
  • German

  • UK English

I did my first play when I was 5 years old. Since then I have complete fallen in love with creating characters and telling stories. I took part in different theatre productions over the years.

One of my personally highlight was the performence at 2012 Hanau Theatre Festival. We were performing a play I had written called "Together - Alone" - a fusion between "Alice in the Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll and "The Metamorphosis " by Franz Kafka. I portrayed the main character Alice. My ensemble got great reviews and I decided on that day that I want to do something in this industry. Since then I did a work experience at the Frankfurter Theatre Studio as a theatre educationist and improving my acting skills. At the studio I had the chance to take part in to different acting work shops - "Creating an Ensemble" and "Finding a character". I also worked with children and helping them to access their creativity to create a play. In 2015 I worked as a volunteer in Slovakia and took part in a theatre integration project with Slovak and Roma students in cooperation with a local artist and teachers - sponsored by the German goverment. Furthermore i´m a big Shakespeare and Goethe fan. During my time in Australia I play Lady Macbeth in a school theatre production and Gretchen in Goethe´s Faust. I enjoyed dipping into this plays and finding out why everyone calls them geniuses.

One of my main course at school was drama. In my final performence my partner and I had to interpret the poem "The God of the City" and turn it in to a play - we got 15 points out of 15 points.
My last project was a radio recording for a German radio station in Slovakia - I read different children stories in German.

I guess why I love acting is because I´m interested in people and like to study their behaviours. Acting is a perfect way to do that.
Understanding the intention and the world view of the role - not judge them - treating them with respect and telling their story to entertain and inspire people.


Extras experience

No previous extras experience


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Contemporary


Photography experience

Amateur photographer

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