Julieta Roldan

Julieta Roldan Pro

Queensland, Australia


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Really professional and easy to work with. Made the job for the crew so much easier. Highly recommend!

Recommended for Modelling Jul 22, 2021

Great personality lovely to deal with

Recommended for Modelling May 26, 2021

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Professional, easy to work with and the images/still's turned out great

Recommended for Modelling Mar 7, 2019

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Julieta was a pleasure to work with. She is a total professional and shines naturally on camera. Would highly recommend.

Recommended for Acting Oct 31, 2018

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Julieta was a true professional, took direction well and was a pleasure to have on set.

Recommended for Acting Oct 17, 2017

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Great portfolio, highly recommend!

Recommended for Acting Nov 23, 2016

Juliette was an excellent model to work with. Very professional!

Recommended for Modelling May 3, 2016

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With a beautiful smile and easy going manner Juliette made shooting with her a breeze. The subtle looks that i was after with this shoot came naturally - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Juli for either acting or modelling role. Thanks for a great shoot Juliette.

Recommended for Acting Apr 26, 2016

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Recommended for Nov 11, 2018

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Recommended for Acting Apr 3, 2018

Recommended for Acting Jan 15, 2018

Recommended for Acting Apr 20, 2017

Recommended for Acting Apr 12, 2017

Recommended for Acting Nov 5, 2015