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Laura Showreel - YouTube

01Laura Showreel - YouTube

Physical Attributes

160 cm / 5ft 3in
49 kg / 107 lbs
White / Caucasian
81 cm / 32 in
Skin color:
66 cm / 26 in
86 cm / 34 in
Dress size:
UK 8 / AUS 8 / US 4
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Gothic and horror shoot : Barry studio
  • Living model : Richmond art gallery
  • extra for hollywood film The last photograph with denny Huston : 2020 casting agency
  • Living model for Tottenham changes Club
  • article published on the Daily Mirror : how changed my life at 42
  • Life drawning model
  • model for an exibition MichaelBarry photography
  • extra for Priingles Ad : extra
  • supporting actress as police woman and carer : Saint and Scroungers series BBC flame television
  • Flash mob Ls Freeze
  • Burlesque photo shoot with Tom Harrison
  • extra for a charity advertisement : londonextra agency
  • living model for a large scale project Belfast exibition : living model
  • Fan bollywood film : part of the crowd
  • extra for the film " now you see me 2" : Now you see me 2 , with Casting Collective
  • part of a crowd for a short online documentary for a leading insurance company : envisage promotions
  • living model for Blue Zoo animation : living model
  • Italian Voiceover for 2020 : voiceover
  • extra for Kleenex commercial : extra
  • extra for red bull charity Wings for Life : world run event
  • funeral guest for Sam smith new video : let me down song by Sam Smith
  • zumba dancer in the new commercial of Vodafone : vodafone
  • second day on set of Mission impossible 5 : Mission impossible 5
  • extra as commuter in a tube station for Mission Impossible 5 : Mission impossible 5
  • Photoshoot for Commercial Nebuliser Paul ' s story : Johnny Lynch extra agency
  • Probz singer : extra in the music video called 'NOTHING DOESN T MATTER "
  • Criminal future film with Kevin Costner : Millenium film
  • indie music video : music video
  • Hyperaptive-planet earth : supporting actress like a religious woman
  • supporting actress : Future film "Containment"
  • speaking role as supporting actress for short film "Uk borders"
  • extra in Bollywood film "Phantom" : Phantom, Bollywood film
  • Avengers ..age of Ultron future film : secondo time on set as a fugitive running away from fights and superheroes
  • supporting actress for short video for a global media compay
  • Avengers ..age of Ultron future film : fugitive escaping from the envasion of robots
  • extra in the Usa tv series The Royal : extra during a fashion cat walk
  • party guests in The Royals : wedding party guest
  • Extra for a viral for madcow agency
  • Fashion photoshoot for Foto
  • photoshoot for Workshop photography
  • westmister university "sexy line Day 2 " : extra swimming in a pool
  • hair model for Toby Price Phil Houghton Photography : testing a new product for hair
  • main host in trudy lite show : indian mars space mission episode
  • dancer in a music video of Ruby sweet ambitions
  • interview for magazine "matilda de Bati" : Matilda de bati magazine
  • extra for commercial "Beginers guide to live in the uk " : costumers in a chinese restaurant
  • future film " Nothing like this" : extra as party goer in a theatre
  • bristan - the big thank you : extra for a commercial
  • extra as party goer for future film " south of the river"
  • model for fashion and glamour photoshoot with sunny photo
  • extra for commercial with michael buble'
  • gothic model for a photshoot calle " fallen angels"
  • Viral ad "The Rumor" : featured walk on as a crazy cleaning lady
  • extra for the new video "Rumors" of Chloe Howl : demon who plays chess
  • extra as a wife in short film : Secret Lovers short film
  • extra as visitor in an hospital for Top dog film : Martin Kemp director
  • model for autumn colours photoshoot for the Denator Photographer
  • musical Walking on sunshine : dancer
  • LSDA : first level
  • commercial Online resorts international Ltd : extra as a wife
  • extra for "what is all about" : Visual media/UGLE
  • model for military photoshoot : waynes photographer
  • bodypainting model : for professional makeup academy
  • hair and make up model : for professional makeup academy
  • supporting actress spoken role in a web series "Search party for Kerion" : spoken role as supporting actress
  • extra in music video " ja girl" by Showerz and Talent : dancing and acting during the video
  • extra in the future film " Equal measure"
  • extra for envisage promotion
  • bridal model : photoshoot for jaleesa reid
  • extra for song "Jeje" by Airis singer
  • extra for music video singer Pepster : title of song "OH YEAH"
  • feature film "Retribution" : extra
  • extra for tv program " THE JASON PHILIP'S SHOW"
  • student film FAMOUS FIVE : extra playing football
  • Supporting actress in music video "Soldier " : singer Bennie Bizzie
  • christmas shoot for a commercial : model for Envisage Promotion
  • Heroes notice short film : extra
  • music video "No matter the temperature" with Natia Daniel : dancer and extra
  • short/student film "Morgumentary" : extra for the London Film Academy
  • extra in short film " Ciaran " : Bournemouth University Actors Agreements
  • extra in music video of Professor green : "are you getting enough " title of the song
  • extra for music video woah/brand new style : artist Smiler/ production company Gas and Electrecy company
  • extra for short film Rabbi : wolex production director chanel wolex
  • model for BODY METRIC MASSAGE : model
  • model for swimming pool test for LEE MACK SHOW : model in a bikini indide a swimming pool
  • secretary in film NICE TO MEET YOU : medan production
  • extra for short film for charity about HVI : extra
  • Amar , Akabar & Tony film : extra
  • film Closure by Wohproduction : extra
  • Diana Vickers of Ex Factor : extra in her new video
  • extra in short film CHASING ROBERT BARKER : extra
  • Macabre short film : supporting actress
  • one of leading performers in Stony boy ft Kifaro & Aimie video called Darkest mind : blind mother in a music video
  • THE PERFECT MATCH short film : supporting actress
  • Yvonne rap singer : extra in rap video
  • "Born to be king" Bollywood film : extra like journalist
  • extra for short film The Wolf : FBI agent
  • extra for Envisage : extra
  • extra in video of Ayo singer : song "Forever becoming"
  • extra for a video of Felix da Housecat dj : extra and dancer for the new video sinner/winner
  • THE TRUTH comedy drama tv pilot : extra
  • extra for american advertisement : Brave spark company
  • FISH BONE STUDENT FILM : extra for short film westminster university
  • extra for short film : twisting into place short film
  • model for a headshoot : photographer Raimondas Kazenas
  • santiago street machine-holes : extra in music video
  • HOME SWEET HOME short film : small spoken role
  • G Zang music video sing with the gang : extra for music video
  • short film " ONE SMAL STEP FOR A MAN" : extra for film of Met University with Sam Hayer director
  • short film " Doppelganger" : extra
  • "Tye" student film of hertfordshire university : extra
  • extra for music video The dream of Suzie : extra in music video for Nicola no profit association
  • Tamas film for london college communication : extra
  • photoshoot for website : model
  • Mr Wind short film for London film school : supporting actress
  • Half hour hotel group song Run from sirens : extra in music videos
  • Give me details : extra in music video
  • Waterloo festival 2013 : music video "dance life" by St.Luke's company
  • Desert dancer film with Akram Khan and Freida Pinto : extra
  • auditions for Blinkink news
  • music video song Elisabeth : waveyone ft jai&martin yard back tv
  • Down dog limited film
  • In a heartbeat : television series with Danny Dyer
  • The white room film limited : production office
  • Real people photoshoot : model for photoshoot in studio DizzyFinch
  • Still film : di simon Blakke
  • Sea Out Short film : Sean Griffith producer/James Cosmo the main actor
  • music video Single Malt : extra for music video
  • Short film "Author Inside" : extra in short film
  • students film "Love you more" : extra for student film in Westmister University
  • music video KENDIME YALAN SOYLEDIM : extra for music video Zildjan group
  • Britain's brightest show for BBC1 : extra for this program
  • hair model for aveda : hair model
  • film act/or statshi twins : extra in short film
  • videos for Rundiculous : extra
  • Mic Boogie dj for song "Catch wreck" : extra
  • music video "Divided we fall" with Emma Blakk : extra
  • flash mob SUPAFLY : dancer
  • short film "Dont blame us because we are famous" : extra
  • Explore the tv music video by Bentley Browning : extra
  • group "dancer for pleasure" for song Silver fox with Tony Visconti : extra
  • Cue collect short film by Tara Nahas : extra
  • hallow short film with rosie leslie : extra
  • music video of simon withington : extra
  • death of the balcony group : extra for song "one thing" director tomas james
  • music video the rythmes of the earth : extra and dancer
  • soap opera rab de sona isshq : extra in a soap opera of zee tv episode n.5 september 2012
  • bollywood production/limelight : extra in the film " jab tak hai jaan" bollywood production
  • just dance uk : zumba fitness


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English
  • Italian

  • Italian

i am still working as life model , extra , supporting actress in London and Bristol
I have lots of experience and you can see my credits on imdb as laura bernardeschi


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

TV & Reality

i was the main host in the "The trudy lite show "
I am working in London as extra and supporting actress in music videos, films, commwercials, tv series and soap operas
Part time model


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Contemporary
  • Disco

i have a long experience in working as an extra an dancer in music videos ( with artist such as Professor Green, Diana Vickers, Bennie Bizzie , Ayo-Dele and many others) tv series , future films , commercials and soap operas
i have always danced in clubs and courses of aerobica and zumba
i partecipated in several flash mobs here in london


TV presenter experience

No previous TV presenter experience

  • English
  • Italian

  • Italian

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