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Seeking Male and Female Actors for a Stage Play

Seeking Male and Female Actors for a Stage Play

New York, USA
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Seeking male and female actors aged 19-45 with a passion for the craft for the stage play Why Me?? about the injustice, inequality and discrimination that people of color have faced on a daily basis. This play will be rehearsed in Queens for a one night performance. We are on a local tour to all boroughs. Why Me?? has been performed in Manhattan, Staten Island and Queens. It's a thought- provoking, emotional, inspiring and heartfelt play inspired by real life situations.

StarNow note for talent: Please note the Advertiser has indicated this production contains strong themes including racism. Applicants may wish to clarify details regarding these themes with the advertiser before attending an audition.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Self tapes are accepted. Rehearsals will be every Thursday and some Tuesdays. The play is on October 19th and sometime in February 2020.

Job payment

Unpaid – this is a collaboration opportunity

Collaborations should create mutual benefit and are usually amateur, student or 'Time for Print' projects.

Maria, a pretty sweet but outspoken young lady.

Maria is a sweet Hispanic young lady in the community who wants to know why her culture is so stereotyped by many people. There is so much that they could offer to this society if they are giving a chance

Female, aged 25 to 35

Applications closed 1 November 2019.


Marvin is a nice looking, smart and family oriented black young man who one day gets caught up in a bad situation.

Male, aged 19 to 21

  • Height: 185 cm / 6ft 1in - Any
  • Weight: 100 kg / 220 lbs - Any

Applications closed 1 November 2019.

Ming Lee

Ming Lee is a sweet Asian young lady who comes to the meeting to share her story and possibly get answers from the group about the youth in her community.

Female, aged 25 to 35

Applications closed 1 November 2019.


Sherwin is a nice looking athletic black young man whom loves his family. He acts and one of his favorite sports is baseball. During a night of fun with his friends his whole life made a turn for the worse.

Male, aged 22 to 25

  • Height: Any - 178 cm / 5ft 10in
  • Weight: Any - 84 kg / 184 lbs

Applications closed 1 November 2019.

Gaylema is pretty, strong-willed and determind

Gaylema is the type of Black woman that you will not take to an event with you because she is extremely outspoken, determined and strong- willed. She will get into a disagreeable mode and there is no turning back.

Female, aged 27 to 37

Applications closed 1 November 2019.


Trey is a nice looking black young man whom has dreams and aspirations. He plays football but one day he hopes to fly a plane. Trey wears the best clothes and he loves to hang out with his friends. One particular night he gets approached and that was the end of his story.

Male, aged 19 to 24

  • Height: Any - 179 cm / 5ft 10in

Applications closed 1 November 2019.


Malika is a sweet and kind black young lady who pays homage to powerful historical figures. She is curious to know why the youth of color are always being accused of things that they have not done? Malika wants answers while attending this meeting.

Female, aged 27 to 37

Applications closed 1 November 2019.


Marvin is a kind and caring man whom is tall and husky but a gentle giant. Everyone knows him in his community and they call him a man of Peace. Marvin is a family man who wants to just be the provider and best husband and father he can be so why did they bother him when he's in his own neighborhood minding his own business? This situation left him breathless.

Male, aged 39 to 45

  • Height: 190 cm / 6ft 3in - Any
  • Weight: 118 kg / 259 lbs - Any

Applications closed 1 November 2019.


Suzanne is a pretty but extremely opinionated Caucasian female who comes to the meeting in the community to express her feelings about how white people are superior over blacks and Hispanics. She wants them all to be locked up for the things that they do. She has a heated argument with Gaylema and Malika.

Female, aged 25 to 35

Applications closed 1 November 2019.

Luke is a community leader

Luke a nice looking sweet and caring man brings together a group of people in his Community to discuss what has been transpiring in their perspective neighborhoods. He wants the injustice and discrimination to stop. He wants the group to converse without negativity. Somehow this meeting goes left. Can he calm the storm?

Male, aged 30 to 48

Applications closed 1 November 2019.

Owen is a loving family man

Owen is a nice looking ambitious black young man who hopes to one day be a barber in order to provide for his family. He adores his daughter and her mother. One day while hanging out with his close friends he gets into a situation which causes him to be arrested and worse.

Male, aged 24 to 28

  • Height: 181 cm / 5ft 11in - Any

Applications closed 1 November 2019.

Maheeda is a Muslim woman with great faith

Maheeda is a sweet and kind young lady whom has been discriminated against since the tragedy of 911. She wants to know why people treat her like a disease. Not all people commit crimes like they did . She is true to her faith as a Muslim woman but she loves all people.

Female, aged 25 to 40

Applications closed 1 November 2019.


The Narrator brings the whole play into perspective. The speaker must have a powerful strong and expressive voice.

Anyone, aged 20 to 50

Applications closed 1 November 2019.

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