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Multiple Roles for Dark Crime Audio Drama

Multiple Roles for Dark Crime Audio Drama

Job can be done from home worldwide
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Voiceover & Radio
The Casting Professional is reviewing applications today.The Casting Professional is reviewing applications today. Apply now to be seen.
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Aniline City is a fictional city in Michigan, USA. Found near Devils Lake & Lake Erie, it’s surrounded
by mountains and has three main highways out, leading to Detroit, Chicago and New York.
Set in a natural crater, clouds roll in from the mountains meaning there is frequent rain and a
claustrophobic atmosphere.
The city is gritty, corrupt, dark, and dangerous. But good people live here too.
The Diamond Murders is the first of several projects set in Aniline City.
It is an audio crime podcast with a noir-like feel to it.
Gritty and dark.
Good references would be Sin City, Max Payne, The Maltese Falcon, Gotham City
There is some viral content on our social media that gives you more of an idea of what the city is like.
The Diamond Murders is a 6 episode series, each episode is roughly 10-15mins.
Each of the episodes has been written by different writers.
Some roles are in multiple episodes.
Please submit all auditions in Mp3 format. Either attached to an email, or via a link to WeSendIt,
GDrive, DropBox or another file share site.
Label the subject of your email and the file as YourName_CharacterName.
Please perform all lines of dialogue so we can hear your range.
You can audition for multiple characters, but please restrict your submission to a maximum of 2 takes
per character.
Due to the subject matter all applicants must be 18+ years.
Must have your own recording setup of good quality.
Script read-throughs will be held via Discord or Zoom if necessary.

Job payment

Payment TBC - All roles are paid dependant on part length and project commitment, small budget

Rohas - Police Sargeant

Marvin Branagh from Resident Evil 2 or Denzel Washington Type, reserved, dedicated to the job

Male, aged 38 to 55

  • Ethnicity: Black / African descent , Chinese, Eurasian / Pan Asian, Latinx / Hispanic, Māori, Mediterranean, Native American
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Eric - Paramedic EMT

Conspiracy nut, inquisitive, used to the job

Anyone, aged 18 to 33

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Steve - Paramedic Driver

Confident, pragmatist

Male, aged 22 to 36

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Delilah - Radio Dispatcher

Sassy, flirty

Female, aged 30 to 65

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Pete Wood - Former Boxer/Gym Owner

World Weary, Slightly Cocky, Chad L Coleman in The Wire

Male, aged 39 to 60

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Boss Graves

Older, Gravelly Voice, like Mark Margolis

Male, aged 47 to 65

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Drug Dealer

World Weary, Jaded, Looks down on others, Michael Madsen type

Male, aged 40 to 60

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Dealers Muscle

Similar voice to David Harbour

Male, aged 38 to 52

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Johns - Small Time Crook


Male, aged 30 to 43

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Police Officer

Anyone, aged 18 to 43

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Listing created: 26 May 2021
Applications close: 30 June 2021
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