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Multiple Actors for 5 Second Video Clips for Short Video

Multiple Actors for 5 Second Video Clips for Short Video

Job can be done from home worldwide
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We are a not-for-profit organisation putting together a short video awareness campaign about the difference between developing and developed countries. We are looking for people to create a short 5 second clip with appropriate background using one of the example lines below (sentence can be modified - we're providing creative licence - but must start with "what if..."). Video can be a selfie-style video or using a camera person. We're looking for authentic videos that we can edit together into a two-minute video.

- Shot of person turning on a tap for a glass of water - "what if getting clean drinking water was as easy as turning on the tap"?
- Shot of family sitting in the dark and someone turns the light on - "what if getting access to electricity was as simple as turning the switch on?"
- Shot of people using computers in a school - "what if every school child had access to a computer to learn about the world?"
- Shot of person walking through a hospital - "what if you could get access to quality health care in a world class hospital"?
- Shot of a person walking through a fresh food market - "what if everyone had easy access to fresh healthy affordable food?"
- Shot of a person waiting at a train station or on a train - "what if there was a national rail network that made getting to work easy?"
- Shot of person wearing a high visibility vest or driving a truck - "what if everyone had access to consistent work?"
- Shot of a person walking through an art gallery, museum, etc - "what if everyone had access to learn about your culture?"
- Shot of a person walking through a library - "what if everyone had access to learning material?"
- Shot of eating at a restaurant - "what if everyone could afford to eat out at a great restaurant?"

The idea is to prompt the audience to think about facilities or things they might have in everyday life that someone in a developing country doesn't have (access to basic resources, jobs, lifestyle, infrastructure etc). We want authentic very short clips with just a short question asking "what if..." You might take a 5 second clip whilst doing something in everyday life, like getting a coffee (e.g. "what if everyone could just stop and get a coffee on their way to work?).

Job payment

Fixed price of $80 - We'll also send you a copy of the video to use in your portfolio

Multiple roles - everyone welcome

Anyone, aged 18 and over

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Listing created: 9 July 2021
Applications close: 8 August 2021
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