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International Comedy Series Youtube - London

International Comedy Series Youtube - London

London, UK. Apply from all UK.
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The Series pilot is set in the current time in the wake of Brexit, although the main characters are aged 21-30, all ages encouraged to apply, I expect important roles for all sorts of age/backgrounds. A group of flatmates but also friends and others enter the scene gradually, initial episodes are planned to be fairly short (20 min) and we see how it goes from there. Script is not ready so project not expected to start yet, perhaps start shooting end of April, May at the earliest, otherwise summer. Whilst most of the characters are European (the story also makes a point about European integration (but does not take a political stance on Brexit), the cast is international and everyone should apply!

If you don't think you match with any of the specified roles don't worry, if the project takes off, more roles small or big will pop up as the story/script develops!

It's aimed to be light hearted and easy to watch but can be powerful at times as well. People involved should try not to take the series or themselves too seriously! We'll be in it for fun and see how it goes. The character profiles are basic now but will be developed much more later.

This is an early call to get interest and to see about applications. Please note this is entirely unpaid and an amateur production (it is just myself running the project!). All I really need is commitment to see your role through and of course a genuine interest in the project. Pilot episode and would be aired on YouTube.

Audition / Rehearsal / Production dates

Unknown as of yet.

Job payment

Unpaid – this is a collaboration opportunity

Collaborations should create mutual benefit and are usually amateur, student or 'Time for Print' projects.

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East Asian descent but American/Canadian girl, works hard at her role, very sweet and caring but determined, obsessed with candy.

Anyone, aged 24 to 33

Applications closed 1 August 2019.


Italian, a bit silly, waiter. Spends a lot of his income on things he really doesnt need, from the countryside (relatively less educated of the core group)

Male, aged 22 to 34

Applications closed 1 August 2019.


English, clumsy, and pretty oblivious, he spends his time working at the Home Office on a weekday and then pottering around bars at the weekend, some things he keeps hidden intentionally though people wonder whether this is pretentious and he isn't actually hiding anything. Obsessed with World War 2 and regularly makes references which really piss off/bore the others

Male, aged 24 to 42

Applications closed 1 August 2019.


Swedish metalhead, long blonde hair. Very amiable guy and easy to hang out with, spends his time gigging, reading, he works at a library. One of the more mellow characters, but occasionally prone to going wild.

Male, aged 18 to 35

Applications closed 1 August 2019.


Spanish girl, good cook, very homey, hates leaving the house and works as a dog sitter.

Female, aged 18 to 39

Applications closed 1 August 2019.


Big build. Sometimes prone to insane and very questionable acts, random stuttering, yelling randomly. Crazy humor but knows when to quietn down. Inside he is very nice.

Male, aged 22 to 31

Applications closed 1 August 2019.


Very, very mellow Bulgarian guy. Always down to chill, play poker, nods but gets really annoyed when people haven't done their dishes. By far the most "easygoing" and more quiet. Likes to skate.

Male, aged 23 to 38

Applications closed 1 August 2019.


Irish guy that occasionally pops by and dissappears, very randomly appears at times and always claims he is fixing the boiler or cleaning the hallway. This is a minor role.

Male, aged 18 to 55

Applications closed 1 August 2019.


Sub-Saharan african and hailing directly from this region, she is an exchange student from a quite wealthy family, very warm hearted and easily approachable, open minded.

Female, aged 18 to 28

Applications closed 1 August 2019.


Russian, recently moved to London, always after drugs, but is really a good guy. Sometimes questionable in his expressions, he doesn't always say things which go down well, in fact at times, very rarely so. At his core, he knows what is important (changes and mellows down as story progresses).

Male, aged 18 to 34

Applications closed 1 August 2019.


Quiet and very studious, Lawan is from Thailand, difficult to talk to at the beginning but opens up whilst still maintaining very strong values, quick to point out when she thinks something is wrong, especially ethically.

Female, aged 23 to 39

Applications closed 1 August 2019.


A bit older, very big, Indian guy with a big heart. Has a crush on one of the girls. Sparse with words but thinks a lot and when he speaks, he speaks with great wisdom.

Male, aged 18 to 42

Applications closed 1 August 2019.


Dutch guy, straight to the point, works for a language app company, sometimes says things which people think might be too strong likes to laugh.

Male, aged 18 to 34

Applications closed 1 August 2019.


Middle Eastern (possibly Egyptian or Iranian) Christian, very devout. Sides often with Lawan over moral issues/problems. Likeable but others find him on ocassion very difficult. Very loyal, principled but often provoked.

Male, aged 18 to 30

Applications closed 1 August 2019.

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