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Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
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Physical Attributes

177 cm / 5ft 10in
81 cm / 32 in
72 kg / 158 lbs
Eye color:
White / Caucasian
Hair color:
111 cm / 44 in
Hair length:
Skin color:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Downward dogs - Sunderland Uni MA short : Harry Smith (crime boss)
  • Limbo - Tanfield Railway, Durham (micro short) : Man who misses train and enters alt World (lead)
  • Don't tell the bride (E4 reality show) : Zombie/Centurion
  • I am the doorway : Clipboard (co-lead) - Sunderland University
  • Pitch black dark (3rd Year student short) Ishmael (lead) : Northumbria University
  • Sugar (Hybrid docu) Tribeca award winning Producer Samm Haillay & Director Sophie Mathisen : Date no: 1
  • "Sorry we missed you" Ken Loach movie (Kes, I, Daniel Blake) : Homeless man
  • A Magical Christmas - Beamish Hall (8 days immersive theatre, approx 400 adults/children per day)) : Santa Claus
  • "Terror in the trees" Halloween event - Beamish hall Hotel : Interactive hillbilly (with accent) 12 nights in the woods immersive theatre
  • Music video for band "Avalanche Party" : Million dollar man (lead)
  • Coppelia - Birmingham Royal Ballet (4 shows) : Peasant man
  • E-Tox (3rd Year student short) : Guido (lead) - Sunderland University
  • Rowan's disposition (3rd Year student short) : Rowan (lead) - Northumbria University
  • Gunpowder (BBC drama) - 3 part mini series : Sir William Wade's man (18 days on set - walk on & featured role) Starring: Kit Harington, Liv Tyler, Mark Gattis, Peter Mullen, Tom Cullen.
  • Bruise (student short) : Abusive Father - Northumbria University
  • Who killed Santa (murder mystery - corporate) : Jinx (Santa's Brother)
  • "Terror in the trees" Halloween event : Psycho clown - 9 nights immersive - in the woods
  • Hitachi Rail depot : Evacuated train passenger (rail safety film)
  • A Dirty Weekend - Indie film : Farmer Bern - Co-lead (6 days on set)
  • Man in the night (short) : Frederick (devious thief)
  • "Kylver" prog/metal band - prequel music video : Abducted sailor on epic quest (lead)
  • The City & The City (BBC sci-fi drama) : Bezsel pedestrian (2 days on set)
  • Victoria (ITV Drama) : Sailor
  • Proteus (horror short) : Riverside ripper (lead)
  • The Audition (student short) : Billy (abusive Father- Lead) - Northumbria University
  • The Box (micro short - horror) : Nigel - (Lead)
  • Hospital People (BBC comedy) : Hospital visitor
  • George Gently (BBC drama) : Henchman/picketer (3 days on set)
  • Wolfblood (CBBC Series) : City Wolfblood (2 days on set)
  • The Last Kingdom (BBC drama) : Slave (2 days on set)
  • Music video for "Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra" (lead) : Misguided man who falls in love with a plant
  • Music video for instrumental prog/metal band "Kylver" (lead) : Marooned sailor on an epic quest
  • The Artist (short) : Co- director
  • Vera (ITV drama series) Series 7, ep 2 : Junkie
  • The Dumping Ground (CBBC series) : Background
  • After Forever - (student short) : God (Lead) - Sunderland Uni MA students
  • Death & Deceit - (student short) : Detective Alexander Cross (lead) - Northumbria University
  • Tholl (Student short) : Matthew Tholl - Murderer (Lead) Northumbria University
  • KE - 237 (Student short) : Dr. Mann- Northumbria University
  • The Exchange (short) : Producer
  • Bottle (student short) : Homeless man with OCSD (lead) Sunderland Uni
  • I, Daniel Blake - Film - Dir: Ken Loach (Jobseeker) : SA
  • Followed: Improvised experimental short testing camera equipment : Anonymous man (Lead)
  • Headhacker (short) : Thug/shooter
  • Wither (anti drugs short for Northumbria Police) : Abusive taxi driver
  • Raw (Stephen - lead) : Lone role in 60 hour film challenge competition
  • Whiteblade (short, 3 days on set, shield formation, unarmed combat) : Villager/fighter
  • M. A. D Murder at dawn (short) : Tramp
  • Beowolf - ITV Drama series (7 days on set) : Villager, Carpenter, Drummer.
  • Into the depths (6 part - web series) : Keith (gravely ill Father)
  • Lucy : Homeless man (Lead - student short)
  • Absolution (student short) : Businessman - Sunderland Uni
  • Hoarding - Father : (short)
  • Three: Kurtis - Survivalist Father : (Lead - student short) Northumbria University
  • Below the surface : Drunken Father (student short) Northumbria University
  • Anna : Father - (ex Army) (student short) Northumbria University
  • Satisfy my soul - Demon with Irish accent (Lead - student short) Sunderland Uni
  • Vera (ITV series 5, ep 3) : Polish immigrant worker
  • White Rabbit (short) : Groundskeeper
  • The Dumping Ground (CBBC series) : Background
  • Wolfblood (CBBC series) : Background
  • Unbeaten : Boxing Manager (short)
  • Harriet's Army (CBBC series) : Mr. Croft - Featured role - 4 days on set - 3 Episodes.
  • Wolf : Jerry - drug addicts friend (student short) Sunderland Uni
  • On the rocks : Father (Lead - student short) Sunderland Uni
  • They : Father (Lead - student short) Sunderland Uni
  • Who did it : Distraught Father (short)
  • Hoppings : Murderous farmer (student short) Sunderland Uni
  • George Gently (BBC Drama) series 7, ep 1 : Rioter - 3 days on set
  • Orthodox - Film : Jew & Pikey bookmaker 3 Days on set
  • Harrigan - Film : Rioter - 3 night shoots
  • Interview with a hitman - Film : Gangster - SA


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Irish
  • UK Cockney
  • UK English
  • UK Scottish
  • USA Southern

Upcoming: Role in indie film "The moonshine gang of Cheyenne".

Played the crime boss in a Sunderland University MA students short film "Downward dogs".
Lead role in micro short "Limbo".
Played a Zombie and Centurion on E4's reality show "Don't tell the bride" (Game of Thrones inspired wedding).
Co-lead in Sunderland Uni "I am the doorway"
Lead in Northumbria Uni short "Pitch black dark".
"Sugar" hybrid documentary playing - Date no.1, Dir: Sophie Mathisen, Prod: Tribeca award winnng Sam Haillay.

Played Santa Claus in an immersive outdoor theatre event at Beamish Hall, (8 days).

Played a Hillbilly (with accent) in Halloween scare event at Beamish Hall, 12 nights in the woods interacting (improv) with the groups on the walk through (500-600 people per night).

Ken Loach's new film "Sorry we missed you" (Kes, I, Daniel Blake) playing a homeless man in A&E.

Two lead roles in 3rd Year student productions (Sunderland & Northumbria Universities), completed 4 stage productions with Birmingham Royal Ballet's "Coppelia" at Sunderland Empire as a peasant.

Walk on and featured role as Sir William Wade's man in BBC mini series "Gunpowder", was in some amazing scenes with Kit Harrington, Liv Tyler, Mark Gattis, Peter Mullen, Tom Cullen and Shaun Dooley, 18 days on set, filmed over a 6 Week period in and around Bradford, this was an incredible learning curve in my development as an actor and a real highlight so far.

Two days filming in Liverpool on the set of "The city and the city" a BBC sci-fi series based on the award winning novel, starring David Morrissey, I played a Bezel pedestrian with action parts and got shot.

Lead role in indie feature film "Dirty Weekend" as a rather eccentric farmer, 6 days on set, film was shot in just 9 days.

Reprised the lead role in "Kylver" band prequel music video (see video below).

Took part in horror walk through event for Halloween, as a Psycho clown, involved 9 nights in a macabre circus tent in the woods, all improvised.

Played Santa's Brother in a murder mystery called "Who killed Santa", performed in front of 200 people. I spend two days on the set of "The Last Kingdom" as a slave.

I produced my 1st short film, this was a little daunting, but went really well.

Role of Dr.Mann in psychological/futuristic short, made by Northumbria Uni students in their final Year (voted 2nd best short, out of 21 at Uni film gala awards) and also the lead role of Matthew Tholl (see video below), a paranoid schizophrenic sentenced to life for killing his Father, again with Northumbria Uni students in their final Year (voted 3rd best film out of 21 shorts at Uni film Gala at Tyneside Cinema) and Detective Alex Cross in another Northumbria Uni short "Death and deceit".

Lead as God in "After Forever" Sunderland Uni MA students comedy short, also co-directed short "The artist", played lead role in a music video, as a marooned sailor on an epic quest for prog/metal band "Kylver", (see video below) and in the same Month another music video for ragtime/swing band "Rob Heron and the Teapad Orchestra, playing lead role as a married man who falls in love with a houseplant (see video below).

Three days on the set of BBC 1's "George Gently" as a Henchman/picketer, filming alongside the main cast.

Spent 3 days filming a pilot "Whiteblade" set in Anglo Saxon times, this involved weapon training, shield formations and unarmed combat.

Played lead role Stephen in "Raw" part of a 60 hour film challenge competition and in Nov 2015, played a jobseeker in the Ken Loach film "I Daniel Blake" which has won the Palme Dor award at Cannes, he's a real gent and was a pleasure to meet an icon of British cinema.

Played lead in student short "Bottle" playing a homeless man with PTSD.

I was given my first walk on part as Mr. Croft in the CBBC drama "Harriet's Army", I had to use a walking stick and improvise a limp, this involved a few scenes with the principal cast, all 3 eps and I was on set for 4 days in total, this was an amazing experience.

Other acting work:
I have been in three movies (gangster in "Interview with a hitman", starring Luke Goss), also rioter in "Harrigan" and "Orthodox", the latter featuring Stephen Graham (This is England) and Chris Fairbanks, written and directed by David Leon (formerly of Vera), released February 2016, I played a Pikey bookmaker with action parts and a Jew. I spend two days on the set of "The Last Kingdom" as a slave.
18 student short films, lead role in 8 and speaking parts in the others. I have been a Rioter/Father/Murdererous farmer/Boxing Manager/Drug addicts friend/Groundskeeper/Irish Demon/survivalist Father/Vagrant/PTSD sufferer/Marooned sailor/God.

I have been in both George Gently (Rioter on a 3 day shoot and Juror) and Vera (illegal Polish fruitpicker and Dockworker) and have done background on The Dumping Ground and Wolfblood for CBBC. I have also done 3 night shoots on one occasion.

ITVs historical fantasy drama "Beowolf", starring Joanne Whalley, I played a medieval drummer, a villager, a smelter and carpenter, the 12 part series aired on ITV in Jan 2016. 7 days on set.

I am comfortable and confident in front of camera, polite, hard working, punctual, reliable and take direction well.

I am a Father to two Daughters and one Son.

I used to box at an ABA Gym (still got the moves), played rugby in my youth, I am involved with and help out a local 4 piece folk/punk rock band.

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