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Bristol, United Kingdom
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Martin - audio clip 1

Reading of letter on Ancient Trees programme on BBC Radio 4

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Physical Attributes

177 cm / 5ft 10in
73 kg / 160 lbs
White / Caucasian
91 cm / 36 in
Skin color:
78 cm / 31 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Gertrude the Pig with a Problem (Interact Stroke Support) : Online reader
  • Death and the Maiden Voyage (Blackwatch Entertainment) : Captain Bob Upendown
  • Murder at the Manor (Blackwatch Entertainment) : Lord Oswald & Clarence Thornley-Cruttock
  • Randall & Hopkirk Revisited - pilot (Dir: Bob Rocca) : Vicar
  • Camerawoman - low budget feature (Somerstown Film Ltd) : Mandy's Father
  • 'Tis Pity She's a Whore (Alma Tavern Theatre, Dir: Sophie Maindonald) : Friar Bonaventura/Donado/Poggio/Cardinal
  • Hansel and Gretel (The Rondo Theatre, Dir: Petra Schofield/Jasmine Atkins-Smart) : Father
  • Clarks Performance Conversations training video (Pulse Studio, Dir: Ben Hancock) : Boyd
  • The Silent Majority audio play (Red Thread Productions, Dir: James Picardo) : Lecturer/FBI agents
  • The Diary of Anne Frank (Alma Tavern Theatre, Dir: Phoebe Mulcahy) : Mr Dussell
  • Legend Hunter - The Irish Crown Jewels (Icon Films, Dir: Steve Shearman) : Michael Murphy (drama reconstruction)
  • Longing, Belonging & Balfour (music & spoken word concert) : Narrator/Balfour/Weizmann/The Land
  • Give Me Away (short Film) Rolling Pictures Media : Jack Johnson
  • The Mystery of the Star-Eaters (Casebook Events) : Sam
  • 3x3: Chronology (Theatre West) : Martin Fellowes
  • The Favour - short film (Rolling Pictures Media) : Patrick Flannigan
  • Great Expectations (Alma Tavern Theatre) : Mr Jaggers/Orlick/Mr Wopsle
  • She lived on Franklin Avenue (low budget feature) : The Virgin (Victim1)
  • Living (short) : The Curious Man
  • University of Bristol Acting Academy : Acting, voice, movement, singing
  • University of Bristol Drama Dept : Musical Theatre
  • University of Bristol Drama Dept : Actor Training: Craft
  • LAMDA : Acting Solo - Gold Medal (Distinction)


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • Irish
  • UK English
  • UK Posh
  • UK Welsh
  • USA Boston
  • Indian
  • Japanese

Union memberships
  • Equity

Derek, Last Tree Standing, Inkling Productions, Dir: June Trask
Rene Magritte, The Paintstripper Monologues, Southbank Bristol Arts Trail, Dir: Gill Simmons
Martin Pitcher, My Brother the Clown, Bierkeller New Writing Platform, Dir: Donnel Rjorke
Jeremy, The Valentine Monologues, Aurora Productions, Dir: Joanna Courtnay
Son/Corporal Emlin, Old Lady/Corporal Clockheart, Makeshift Wings Scratch, Dir: Amy Evans
The Rambler/Narrator, Chimera, Bristol Biennial, Dir: Alexander Stevenson
Will Gruber, Jerome Bixby's The Man from Earth, Steam-Powered Tea, Dir: Rupert Bathurst
Damien Thompson, Seven Seconds, Random Order Theatre Company, Dir: Peter Neathey
Sir John Middleton/Mr Palmer/Thomas, Sense and Sensibility, Thrice Three Muses, Dir: Ben Hughes-Games
Dr Watson, The Mystery of the Hound of the Baskervilles, Brass Works Theatre, Dir: Adrian Harris
Count Dracula, Dracula, Thrice Three Muses, Dir: Ben Hughes-Games/June Trask
Dave, Loose Tongues, Inkling Productions, Dir: June Trask
George Aaronow, Glengarry Glen Ross, Educated Guess Productions, Dir: Josh Cooper
William Providence, The Blackwater Manor Murders, Theatre Giant Ltd, Dir: Peter Snee
2nd Officer Lightoller, Unsinkable, Fragile Productions, Dir: Max Connell
Carl Phillips, War of the Worlds radio play, Fragile Productions Ltd
The Duke, Two Gentlemen of Verona, Roughhouse Theatre, Dir: Shane Morgan
Escalus, Measure For Measure, Roughhouse Theatre, Dir: Shane Morgan
Portia, Julius Caesar (gendre-reversal version), Thrice Three Muses, Dir: Ben Hughes-Games
Walter Churchman, Chocolate Harbour Launch, Chocolate Harbour Ltd, Dir: Laurence Trackman
Capt Gordon, Whores Aboard, Thrice Three Muses, Dir: Ben Hughes-Games
Phocas/John, Saturday Shorts, Bristol Folk House, Dir: Adrian Harris
Tony, The Game of Love, Max Theatre Company, Dir: Mark Seaman
Mike Raphone, Revenge is a Thing Called Sweet, Knights Templar Events, Dir: Tony Fox
Roger Dalton, Shite Christmas, Fragile Productions, Dir: Mark Connell
Jack, Happy Happy Happy, Max Theatre Company, Dir: Nathan Benjamin
George Tesman, Hedda Gabler, Teatr-Grodek, Dir: Gary Black
Winston Smith, 1984, Kelvin Studio, Dir: Jason Stevens
Franny, Small Worlds, Kelvin Studio, Dir: Raychel Hills
Arthur, A Talk in the Park, Wickham Theatre, Dir: David Wike
Edgar, King Lear, Wickham Theatre, Dir: Sonia Fraser
Vicar, Gosforth's Fete, Wickham Theatre, Dir: David Wike
Lane, The Importance of Being Earnest, Redgrave Theatre, Dir: Jason Stevens
2006 and before
Tony Blair & Others, What the Hell are You Doing?, Bristol Community Festival, Dir: Adam Tindall

Stewart, Confusions, Falmouth Arts Centre, Dir: Sally Noble
Kenwigs/Snawley/Landlord, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, QEH Theatre, Dir: Mary McCallum
Gandhi, Up the Feeder, Down the Mouth and Back Again, Bristol Old Vic, Dir: Gareth Machin
Edvard Schwarz, Lulu, Alma Tavern Pub Theatre, Dir: Gary Prestwich
Le Duc de Valmonte, The Lady from Maxims, Minack Theatre, Dir: Jane Levan
Michel Rakitin, A Month in the Country, Filton Folk Centre, Dir: Jane Levan
Hortensio, The Taming of the Shrew, Blaise Castle, Dir: Anne Aplin

Tony, Your Knife or Your Life, Gloucestershire Constabulary, Hannah Searle
Alec Bourton, The Missed Oportunity, Southside/CURO, Amy Bannerman
Pat Cohen, Xafinity Skill Base, Roleplay UK, Mike Kirchner
Patient, DOCS 3rd Yr Psychiatry, University of Bristol, Hazel Carrington
Patient, OSCE Yr 3 Vascular, University of Bristol, Becky Wilkinson
Brian, Pain Management Training video, Fragile Productions, Dir: Jayne Connell
Parson Lewis, Curtain Call For Isadora, Brisfest, Dir: Theresa Roche
Steam Crane Driver, Victorian Docks Project, Interactive Places Ltd, Dir: Tom Bennett
Employee, Somerfield Staff Training Film, Wailing Banshee Ltd, Dir: David Baumber
Mike Raphone, ATM Team Building event, Knights Templ


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Beginner, starting out

Urban Corporate Shoot, Bristol, HOTheadshots UK, Anna Bennett

TV & Reality

Television and Film
Saul, Bullets for Picasso (short), Drama Direct Ltd, Dir: Mark McGann
Ferapont, The Three Sisters (student short), Dir: Juliet Merchant
Associate 1, The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies (TV), Carnival Productions Ltd, Dir: Roger Michell
Mr Woodhouse, One (feature), Reel People Films Ltd, Dir: Simon Tibbo
Mr Winters, Joseph Kite - An Ending (Part 1) (short), First Lady Films, Dir: Martin Leo Hardy
Presenter, Brunel Documentary (short), University of Gloucester, Dir: Laura Towers
Richard Gleeson, Jobsworth (short), UWE, Josh Briars
Jim, Ranger3 - Pendulum (music vid), Scubaboy, Dir: Jonathan Hardy
Jonathan, Favours (short), University of Glos/The God Squad, Keiran Ward
PC Marsh, Jumping Off Bridges (short), Irreplaceable Films, Dirs: Duncan Roe & Liam Willford
Terry Wilkins, The Hit (short), University of Bristol, Dir: Emma Williams
Employee, Somerfield Corporate Training Film, Wailing Banshee Ltd, Dir: David Baumber
Colin, Attentionally Dead (short), University of the West of England, Dir: Calum James
Surveyor, We Should Have Chopped Him Up (short), Shark City Films, Dir: Christopher Prince
Psychiatrist, Window Gazing (short), University of the West of England, Dir: Sofie Runnquist
Steam Crane Driver, Victorian Docks Project, Interactive Places Ltd, Dir: Tom Bennett
Father Michael, Redemption (short), Bournemouth Uni, Dir: Robert Price
Doctor, The Cleaner (short), BBC Bristol Film Lab, Dir: Deep Sehgal
Eustachio Divini, The Quest to See Infinity (doc), Green Umbrella, Dir: Peter Jones
Barman/Poker Player, On the Money (short film), Rapier Films, Dir: Fraser Burrows
Wedding Guest, Snap (short film) Bristol University Dir:Sophie Anton
One Eye, One Eye (short film) BBC Bristol Film Club Dir: Stuart Reading
McDunn, Sirens (short film) Bournemouth University Dir: John Addis
Attacker, Dead on Two(short film) University of Bristol Dir: Dave Cox
Museum Guest, Benjamin’s Struggle (short film) Dir: James Breese
Vicar, Animal Devil Burning Gold/NDR Dir: Steve Nichols
Rees, The Dark Months (short film) Dir: Stephen French

Rum Goings On, BBC Radio 4, Dir: David Parkinson
Nature - Blight on the Landscape, BBC Radio 4, Dir: Sheena Duncan
Nature - Badger, BBC Radio 4, Dir: Brett Westwood
Nature - Tree Kangaroo, BBC Radio 4, Dir: Sarah Blunt
Nature - Galapagos, BBC Radio 4, Dir: Grant Sonnex
Nature - Albatross, BBC Radio 4, Dir: Grant Sonnex
Nature - Japanese Hornets, BBC Radio 4, Dir: Mary Colwell
The Oak Tree, BBC Radio 4, Dir: Sarah Blunt
Changing Places - Orchids, BBC Radio 4, Dir: Sandra Sykes
The Philosopher, the Fish and the Dove, BBC Radio 4, Dir: Sarah Blunt
The Ancient Ark, BBC Radio 4, Dir: Joanna Pinnock
Mapping the Town - Lincoln, BBC Radio 4, Dir: John Byrne

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