Kenny Lee

Kenny Lee Pro

London, United Kingdom


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Kenny is a true professional! Shows a lot of experience and maturity.

Recommended for Modelling Aug 19, 2016

Wow, very proud of you, beautiful work......., you will go very far.

Recommended for Acting Aug 15, 2016

Impressive credits. Nice work kind regards Virginia Lawton Producer

Recommended for Acting Jul 25, 2016

He is friendly and comfortable to work with will recomnemdhim to anyone.

Recommended for Acting Jun 16, 2016

Great person, already achieved so much in the field. Star Wars role for starters and many more.

Recommended for Acting Jun 16, 2016

Kenny is a kind and genuine man, full of positive energy.

Recommended for Acting Jun 15, 2016

Kool guy

Recommended for Music Jun 11, 2016

Professional both on and off set. Hope to work with him soon.

Recommended for Acting May 31, 2016

great guy , fantastic proffesional . highly recommend

Recommended for Modelling May 31, 2016

Very Impressive attitude indeed from Mr Kenny lee. Shine on sir

Recommended for TV & Reality May 31, 2016

One to look out for in the future. This lad has it all. His recommendations speaks volumes. He's serious about his work and he shows a lot of confidence and enthusiasm also. His work rate is fantastic. I can see a bright future for Kenny Lee. He's hardworking and gives 100% in any casting he receives. Would highly recommend to anyone thinking about having Kenny in there shoot

Recommended for Acting May 27, 2016

hardly recommended!

Recommended for Acting May 25, 2016

Smashing it well done bro

Recommended for Acting May 19, 2016

Kenny is very focused and driven, super talented. Very impressed :)

Recommended for TV & Reality May 18, 2016

Awesome and talented!

Recommended for Casting May 7, 2016

Kenney is a talented singer songwriter and producer! Check him out!

Recommended for Acting May 1, 2016

Kenny is a great actor and talented model, it has been a real pleasure working with him.

Recommended for Acting Apr 23, 2016

Recommended for Acting Apr 12, 2018

Recommended for Acting Apr 7, 2018

Recommended for Acting Apr 4, 2018