Natalia Voight

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London, United Kingdom


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Recommended for Acting Jul 1, 2014

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Natalia was really lovely to work with. She came on right on time and was very helpful during production. It's she has a clear passion for acting and is ambitious about her career. I would be happy to work with her again.

Recommended for Acting Mar 19, 2014

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Natalia is very professional and patient - she put up with the increasingly cold winds whipping through London that day with no complaint. She was well prepared and enthusiastic - and dropped into the theme feel instantly. A good person to work with, for sure!

Recommended for Modelling Mar 3, 2014

Natalia performed in 2 film projects for me. Natalia played the role of Catwoman/Selina Kyle in a Batman fan film called "The Caped Crusader Redemption". She played the role with a great understanding of the character and captured the iconic aspects of the character. She performed the character with ease and was able to make the character believable and was comfortable and confident when wearing the costume. She did a good job and took direction well. Natalia also played the role of Carla a female rookie recruit ghostbuster in a Ghostbusters fan film called "Ghostbusters In Limbo". She played the role great and handled the comedic aspects of the role well. She was playful and was fun to work with. I would like to work with her again in the future on another film project. Natalia thank you for giving 100% to the roles.

Recommended for Acting Mar 1, 2014

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Natalia is an extremely motivated, focused and professional actress who i found very easy to work with. She is very good at taking on direction and understood what i needed from her in the character she played very well. I felt Natalia was 100% dedicated to the project as an actress and a person to help create the scene i wanted. Natalia is a fantastic versatile actress and is extremely good when it comes to emotional scenes and she will not give up until she has given her all! Thank you Natalia!

Recommended for Acting Nov 20, 2013

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Natalia is a very reliable and hard working model. She is full of creative input and has a lovely personality, great to work with!

Recommended for Modelling Nov 18, 2013

Natalia was really professional, and played her role very well. She is a keen listener , and takes direction well.. would work with a gain. Thank you Natalia

Recommended for Acting Oct 22, 2013

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I had a fantastic time acting alongside Natalia. Her portrayal of emotion was beautiful to see and she is very focussed, easy to work with and a lovely individual! Thanks for everything Natalia!

Recommended for Acting Oct 22, 2013

very good model and great personality to work with!

Recommended for Modelling Jun 11, 2013

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