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Physical Attributes

172 cm / 5ft 8in
57 kg / 125 lbs
White / Caucasian
81 cm / 32 in
Skin color:
71 cm / 28 in
81 cm / 32 in
Dress size:
UK 8 / AUS 8 / US 4
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Luci Victoria Modelling school : Luci Victoria Modelling school


Acting experience

No previous acting experience

'clubland 9' music video
'Bad dj' film festival 2009


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

Modelling website

Experience and Credits; 2007; Ellis O'Brien-Nuts magazine-Glamour (01-07), 2008;Twink- Tv show Sin City- Pole dancing shoot with Ashley Hames (31-01), David Evans- Daily sport- Lingerie (01-01), David Evans- Daily sport- Fashion (04-07), LLoyd Wright- Miss Sunday Sun- Editorial (13-08),Nuts magazine (01-09) Clyde Harrison- Sam Jacks- Calendar- Glamour (13-11) 2009; David Evans- Daily sport- Glamour (01-01), Ellis O'Brien- Nuts Magazine- Glamour (01-03), Martin Reid- Saltire photography- Commercial (16-04), Luci Victoria- Modelling school- Glamour (02-06), Adrian Wilson- Toonsnapper- Mermaid Shoot (18-06), Adrian Wilson- Toonsnapper- Commercial (09-08), Martin Reid- Saltire photography- Lingerie (01-01), Mark Jobson- Tyne tees Modelling Agency- High Fashion (08-09)2010; Adrian Wilson- Toonsnapper- Headshots (01-01), Model for Boho Modelling Agency from winter 2009 until winter 2010, Boho Modelling Agency- open weekender at Banana Studios- Fashion, High Fashion, Lingerie, Casual (20-03) - including the following photographers; A.J- [PS:Ajimagesuk], Alex Perry John Beilby- [MM:94522], Richard H photography- [PS:Richard Hanley], Nikon Freak- [PS:Mark Dodd], Yvette Bessels- [MM:1051150], Dodgyfocus- [PS:Steve Mcdonald], David Scott, Nicholas Ainsley [PS], Boho Modeling agency- open weekender at banana studios- Fashion, high fashion, lingerie, casual (21-03) - including the following photographers; Stu Glen- [MM:140913], Carol Jeffery, Mick Bland- [PS:XR473D], AMG photography- [PS:Andrew Gill], Chris Harrison- [PS:Grime and Glamour], Gary Mckenna- EditionofYou [MM:719972], Rob Makin- [PS:Rob_Makin], Rob- [PS:SFT], Debbie Todd- Tiny star, Nicholas Ainsley- Fashion, Location (08-09), Gary Mckenna- Edition of you- Fashion (14-10), Lucy Victoria- Modelling School- Glamour (22-10), Anna Vasylonok- Bridal (29-11) 2011; Nicholas Ainsley– Fashion, Lingerie (04-03), Tiny lives campaign- Catwalk/photo-shoot for a range of lingerie/fancy dress for charity (14-04), Paul M White- Studio 5000 open day- Fashion, Lingerie (19-04), Nicholas Ainsley-Birthday Shoot (24-04), David Fletcher- Glamour (25-06), Tony- Lingerie/Art (22-11) 2012; Dominic Masey- Glamour (01-08) 2013;Nicholas Ainsley-Commercial, Lingerie, Editorial (24-04), The Agency Best Models UK, May 13 to May 14, Joe Laws- Joe laws studio- Fashion, Glamour (05-07), Lego-Couple/ Fashion/new line of clothes & accessories (10-07), Craig Devlin & Stuart Henderson- Beachwear (08-08),Paul Mason- Figures and Models Studio, Portrait shots/Lingerie (18-09), Peta- Evening Chronical-Animal rights protest- Live art, Semi-nude (24-10) 2014; Rob Mcginley- TyneMet College- Advertising and college literature (21-02), Model with Elevon Modelling Agency as of 01-02, Dave Johnson- Location fashion, Glamour (06-03), Mal Carter- Home/Garden, Lingerie (13-03), Phil Rad- Home/Garden, Fashion (15-05), Michael J Smalley- Home, Fashion, Lingerie (16-06), Harbour Studios Group shoot- Lingerie (19-06) including the following photographers, Scorpio Photography, AG Photography Durham, L'Cham, Nicholas Ainsley- South Shields Beach, Beach Wear (14-08), Harbour Studios Group shoot- Lingerie (14-06) including the following photographers, PhotosbyMarshal, Bdblondie, AGPhotography, Mirthyn, David 1500, Pixelliott, Greg J- Home, garden, fashion, hippie, lingerie (17-10), dmbphotographer- Home, high fashion, rock, lingerie (05-11), dmbphotographer- Home, lingerie lingerie (28-11) 2015; Chris Harrison, Grime and glamour, bikini shoot for the launch of our new business, Isa Isa swimwear (22-02) FarrierJ, Lingerie (06-03), TopTog (11-03) tights/lingerie, (05-04) David Fletcher, Isa Isa swimwear shoot.


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Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Hip Hop

Players, Newcastle (2006)
Bananas night club, Magaluf (2006-2006)
Heaven Lapdance, Magaluf (2007-2009)
Showgirls, Magaluf (2008-2008)
Honeys lapdance, Magaluf (2008-2008)
Officers Deck/Pussy Galores, Newcastle (2007-2009)
Sam Jacks, Newcastle (2009-2010)
Minx, Sunderland (2009-2009),
Queens, Bishop Aukland (2009-2009)
Blue velvet, Newcastle (2009-2013)
Beyond, Newcastle (2010- present)
Hooters, Edinburgh (2010-2010)
FYEO, Newcastle (2013-2014)

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