I Will Edit Your Showreel

I Will Edit Your Showreel

Norwich, United Kingdom

Impress Directors with a Reel that Works

Have you got a scattered collection of your work? Have entire films on file when you really just want to send a highlight from your best scene?

I’ve been a professional video editor for 20 years - specialising in TV ads and video marketing. I will cut a great reel of your acting talent! Send me your films, episodes, or links to your work and I’ll cut a tight 2 to 3 minute reel to impress Casting Directors.

I’ll create an animated opening graphic of your name and headshot. I’ll then compile your best performances, adding a graphic to each with the name of the movie/show/director/studio. I’ll carefully balance and compress the audio levels so they are constant throughout, and have a lively ‘presence’ so your dialogue will really cut through the mix. I will provide the final files in whatever codecs and file sizes you require.

Added bonus - I’ll store all the files associated with your reel, and will only charge a small fee to substitute newer scenes to keep your reel fresh!

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