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Physical Attributes

180 cm / 5ft 11in
95 kg / 209 lbs
White / Caucasian
over 119 cm / 47 in
Skin color:
83 cm / 33 in
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • imdb : involved in over 30 feature films as of 2015
  • acting : actor
  • reigate college of art and design : diploma


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English i have some experience, relaxed and confident enough to handle whatever is required..and reliable.rescent experience in a film shoot in a swimming pool(drowning scene and underwater spin dodging bullets) for spec trailer Baptism by philm company,and also extra in a mockumentary and rescent fight scenes for a bollywood film by Nantha ThURAI 1000 Dreams(now called Valledesame) ,,more recently appeared with my dog in feature film "black sea"still under production,background s.a. in"champagne,intimacy,alan",played an injured world war 1 soldier in bollywood feature"ramujalan",and just completed a major part in a short sci fi"derelict"...(aug) completed filming for 'apocalypse' for discovery channel to be aired sky tv halloween ,also military film'ten*,playing Alexander the russian gangster in *gatwick gangsters*juST been in a scene in meet the govnors,was one of Rogers Henchman in Legacy,a pub scene in Squat ,just done scene in *Assassin*and playing machete Mick in B33F the movie,im a featured mercenary in 'he who dares 2'and appearas chelts gang member in *looters tooters sawn off shooters*,music video with one direction,featured part in *handels messiah*,featured prisoner in *blue*,part in music video *revenge of world cup willie*unoffical world cup tune,playing a featured kidnapper in anintence scene for feature film *the newspaper*about to shoot in april(my role now complete)was a gambling gangster in an underground fight scene on London Hood,about to film "tulip fever" my part as a 17th century brewer and a part of two upcoming horror films, completed role in *hooligan north v south* as a soldier called smokey joe,a final scene as a gangster on 1000 dreams and as tired soldier for *the four warriors*,also was a demon on same film, ( lined up for role of second hand bill coming in 2015 for white glove massive feature film and lead in an action feature film possibly filming in india or malaysia also in 2015),filming for a horror "christmas slay" and "invasion of the not quite dead"and a role in short film "annex" .....,appear in *1603* ,did voiceover for scenes *on age of kill* and played a featured prisoner on *bonded by blood* feature film,jus starting filming as mafia clan in guy richies film *king arthur* ,also featured as a russian henchman in sky tvs new series of * the tunnel*also new tv series of * good girls club* as kidnapper,featured in bollywood movie Azhar as England wicket keeper behind the famous cricketer Azhar himself ,featured as ringside gambler in bourne 5,recently as an I.R.A. guard in jackiechans *the foreigner*..........cast as *Bear* a borderline psychotic biker in *Alliegience of brothers* and roles in a few pre production films yet to be done####..........ROLES Confirmed FOR feature films in SUMMER 2016 ...lead in BREAKOUT OF DEAD ,CONTINUATION AS ronnie in IOFTHQD ,BEAR in Alliegience of brothers , Pete in Deathfall ,MR Grimm in Redmosquito ,BOUNTYhunter in WIldwest bullets ...........appeared on Holby City,featured in new tv series(undisclosed til later),short film Earth without War , viking (skulds men) in the lost viking , max in jacksoutheast ...Ivan the russian in upcoming film bikini nazis

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