Penelope L

Photographer, Lighting Crew Member, Runner / Assistant, Camera Operator, Sound Crew Member

London, United Kingdom
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I have completed a college film and tv course, working in all areas.
In terms of camera Ive worked with a nikon dslr on a tripod, dolly and freehand.
Lighting- I've arranged and set up the lighting for student films.
Sound-H4N and Boom pole.
Been assistant director for projects, as well as the main camera operator. I've also done lighting and sound whenever needed.
Editing-I had to edit all of my own work so I edited a couple films as well as adverts and documentaries.

Projects I've completed include a group film, 3 minute documentary, mock up adverts, film recreated in the style of Wes Anderson.
My final project which I worked on myself was advertisements for a dance school. This required working with children and filming the dance classes as they were happening which was unpredictable and I did all the production and post-production myself.


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