Lisette Prendé

Lisette Prendé Pro

Wellington, New Zealand


CP = Casting Professional

Friendly, Professional, and took direction really well! Awesome vocal and facial expression performance :)

Recommended for Actor Oct 13, 2018

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Highly recommend - amazing on set and wonderful to work with

Recommended for Actor Oct 14, 2016

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Lisette was a pleasure to work worth and was professional, comfortable and friendly. She took direction well and was very relaxed in front of the camera. I would highly recommend her.

Recommended for Actor Aug 7, 2012

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Recommended for Actor Jan 23, 2018

Recommended for Actor Jan 14, 2018

Recommended for Musician Dec 25, 2017

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Recommended for Actor Dec 20, 2017

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Recommended for Model Mar 7, 2017

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Recommended for Actor Jun 17, 2013

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