Daniela .

Daniela .

Ontario, Canada


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An incredibly strong and spirited actress with the vision to enhance any production she may be a part of. You will be very lucky to have her as a part of your production crew.

Recommended for Actor Jan 8, 2019

Daniela would be an asset to any production.

Recommended for Actor Jan 6, 2018

Great profile well driven......

Recommended for Actor Nov 18, 2017

Beautiful, Elegant, Amazing and Great Personality with Versatile Talent! I highly recommend!

Recommended for Actor Oct 13, 2017

Beautiful personality & appearance. Highly recommend I mean just take a look at her photos and see for yourself ? To future employers.. Don't loose a diamond chasing glitter!

Recommended for Actor Mar 6, 2017

I am sure you are doing very well. You have a great profile, very professional. Good luck with your career you are definitely going places.

Recommended for Casting Jan 30, 2017

Naturally beautiful with a lovely unique presence. Very versatile.

Recommended for Actor Nov 21, 2016

Thank you very much,

Recommended for Actor Oct 22, 2016

Fantastic woman. Very polite, friendly and it would be an honour to work with her.

Recommended for Actor Oct 14, 2016

Great variety of photos. A natural and great infront of the camera. Highly recommended

Recommended for Actor Sep 21, 2016

Highly recommend !

Recommended for Actor Sep 16, 2016

Fantastic unique look. Very professional. Highly recommend. Keep up the great work

Recommended for Actor Sep 7, 2016

Thank you al lot

Recommended for Actor Aug 30, 2016

Beautiful and talented model.....

Recommended for Actor Aug 26, 2016

Highly recommended for modelling and magazine . So Attractive girl .

Recommended for Actor Aug 24, 2016

Professional great stuff .. wishing you the best with everything ;)

Recommended for Actor Aug 22, 2016

Very talented highly recommended and very professional. Has had an amazing and successful start. Look forward to working together soon.

Recommended for Casting Aug 22, 2016

Very impressive achievement ! Best wishes to the brightest future!

Recommended for Actor Aug 20, 2016

Very friendly and professional, highly recommended.

Recommended for Actor Apr 23, 2016

Recommended for Actor Jan 22, 2018