Robert H. Wainwright

Robert H. Wainwright Pro

Queensland, Australia


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Definitely recommend Robert! Excellent communication and execution of the required job for our student project. He was very efficient in making sure the process and end result was as I wanted and was completed to a high standard . Also great versatility as an actor!

Recommended for Acting Oct 18, 2021

Robert in all ways arrived as the consummate professional actor. We were blown away. Hands down, he was the best actor or actress that the production has fortunate enough to collaborate with, owing to his years of theatrical works and his exceptional natural skill with voice acting. I can't recommend this guy highly enough. He deserves fame and accolades quickly, and I'm sure will accomplish them. We would love to work with him again, without a doubt. Great going, Robert – you're a star! :)

Recommended for Acting Oct 13, 2021

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A master of his craft. Mesmerising to work with. Highly dedicated and committed, delivering impactful performance. Highly recommend.

Recommended for Acting Sep 26, 2021

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Robert was very professional and lovely to work with! Delivered an amazing performance for my short film.

Recommended for Acting Aug 31, 2021

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Robert was very professional and well mannered. He has a lot of charisma on screen, I hope to work with him again. Definitely would recommend

Recommended for Acting Aug 27, 2021

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Professional, takes direction well, skilled and knowledgeable

Recommended for Acting May 16, 2021

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Professional, easy to work with, and down to earth. He has experience as an actor and is really fun to work with.

Recommended for Acting Mar 31, 2021

Rob was great to work with with voice-overs. He showed a positive attitude throughout practice and recording. He gave an energetic performance in the recording session.

Recommended for Acting Mar 13, 2021

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Robert was really fun to work with! He's a good listener and takes direction well. I enjoyed working with him and I'm very happy with his performances in my short film. Thank you!

Recommended for Acting Dec 14, 2020

Professional, amazing to direct, super easy to work with. Lifted spirits on set. Super patient.

Recommended for Acting Oct 22, 2020

Robert was very personable friendly and a good conversationalist. Robert has the ability to project the storyline with motive facial expressions. Professional and on time with an in-depth ability to create and maintain on set chemistry. I look forward to an opportunity to work on set with Robert in the future.

Recommended for Acting Oct 1, 2020

Extremely professional, easy to work with and always keen to perfect the role no matter how big or small it may be. Can tell he has a lot of experience and takes direction perfectly. Very reliable actor and would recommend to any production.

Recommended for Acting Sep 25, 2020

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Great actor! Excellent to work with. Amazing skills and timing.

Recommended for Acting Aug 13, 2020

Rob is a professional actor, who is also friendly, reliable, punctual and versatile. I worked with him on a short film. He had always a can-do attitude. He is an awesome Face actor. It was a pleasure to work with Rob.

Recommended for Acting Nov 11, 2017

Robert is hands down, one of the best people I've ever worked with. Not only is he experienced, but he is exceptionally talented and dedicated to his artform. He is a great guy to have on set and I wouldn't hesitate in working with him again!

Recommended for Acting Oct 23, 2017

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Robert is a profesional, reliable and talented actor.

Recommended for Acting Jul 8, 2016

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Patient, punctual and fit the job description, looking forward to working together again!

Recommended for Acting Jun 19, 2016

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Robert was great to work with. Very professional, with a great approach to the script; receiving direction well. I would not hesitate in employing him in the future.

Recommended for Acting Oct 6, 2014

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Robert was fast with replies and he came before his session started, on set his good at taking instructions and isn't afraid to try new thing, overall I'll give him a 9/10.

Recommended for Modelling Jun 17, 2014

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I am really glad that I booked Robert for a shoot and will gladly recommend him to anyone else looking for a male model. I found him fantastic to work with, He took instructions really well arrived on time and delivered 100%. The status says he is a professional and without doubt he is just that. He was willing to try anything to achieve what we wanted. Pre-communications were excellent and he has a unique look that will benefit a wide range of roles, In short highly recommended.

Recommended for Modelling Mar 9, 2014

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