Slawomir Milewski

Slawomir Milewski

London, United Kingdom


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Excelent experience, Mr Slawomir Milewski is a great art creator and was really pleasant and challenging be creative under his direction. I strongly recommend!

Recommended for Writing or Directing May 30, 2018

StarNow Verified

Great, professional, creative shoot. Highly recommend.

Recommended for Casting Aug 19, 2017

Enjoyed working with Slawomir today, on his film. Very professional director, and film maker. Would work with him again.

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Jul 8, 2017

Slawomir is exceptional not only as an international renowned photographer but he is a very active trainer who operates for individual and 'parties' of more than one. He has the ability to think 'out of the normal' with his photography and is both dedicated and detailed with the final product.

Recommended for Photography Jun 9, 2017

I had the amazing pleasure working with Slawomir on his experimental short project. As an artist and filmmaker, he was very direct and distinctive with the way he wanted me to perform from a piece of original text which was in reality spoken by someone else. He wanted my own interpretation of the piece and I delivered spectacularly. Through conversations prior to filming I had offered creative ideas and he was so inspired that we incorporate it into the shoot and we had so much fun. Slawomir was a joy to work with. Very articulate, thoughtful and supportive. I look forward to collaborating with him again.

Recommended for Photography Jun 6, 2017

It is very rare to meet a director and immediately trust them but with Slawomir I found this to be the case; a consummate professional, Slawomir was prepared and enthusiastic. Furthermore he knew what he wanted from his actors/crew and was able to inspire better work in all involved. A very talented man whom it was my pleasure to work with!

Recommended for Photography Feb 8, 2017

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Aug 7, 2017

Recommended for Photography Jun 9, 2017