Will Bradshaw

Will Bradshaw

Wolverhampton, United Kingdom


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Will is a true professional and has excellent technical knowledge. Would highly recommend Will as a DOP.

Recommended for Film & Stage Crew Dec 1, 2018

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I really enjoyed working with William and his crew on their uni course proof of concept piece. Will especially was welcoming and easy to get on with. He was very aware of making sure everyone involved was looked after, keeping us all hydrated and fed and kept our spirits up! He was also extremely professional and made sure everyone knew what they were doing and when. I would happily work with Will again in future projects!

Recommended for Photography Nov 14, 2016

Definitely recommend Will! Professional, easy going, great equipment. Had a good laugh with him and his brother filming yesterday! Can't wait to see the outcome!

Recommended for TV & Reality Apr 9, 2015