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London, United Kingdom
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Yasmin Ryan Voice reel 2016

01Yasmin Ryan Voice reel 2016
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03Yasmin Horror reel

Physical Attributes

165 cm / 5ft 5in
60 kg / 132 lbs
White / Caucasian
91 cm / 36 in
Skin color:
71 cm / 28 in
93 cm / 37 in
Dress size:
UK 10 / AUS 10 / US 6
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:

Credits & experience

  • Middleweek Newton Academy : Screen acting
  • Identity School of Acting : Intermediate 2nd term
  • Identity School of Acting : Freshers intermediate
  • The Actors Centre : Became a member of The Actors Centre
  • The Actors Centre : Screen actors course
  • City Accademy : Drama course
  • Queensbury upper school : A level Drama & Theatre studies
  • Milaeon Agency : Drama Workshop
  • Manshead upper school : GCSE Drama


Acting experience

Previous paid speaking roles

  • English

  • UK English

2018, Commercial, Bridesmaid, THE PERFECT DRESS, Wed2B, Shaun Forsdyke
2018, Internet, Contact wearer, ACUVUE - TOUCH ME, Irresistible, Pedro Suarez
2018, Internet, Lead actor interacting with the product, KII PIX INSTANT PHOTO PRINTER, iSite, Jack Stimson
2018, Still Photography, Kayaking couple, VISIT NEWCASTLE, Visit Britain, Michele Mcallion

2017 - Evelyn Whipley, The House of Violent Desire, Feature film, Charlie Steeds
2016-2017 - Mary, The Haunting, The Little Theatre, Alistair Brown
2016 - O2 World chat video, Customer, lead role, Internet Advert, Georgie Turner-Noble
2016 - Holby City, Flirty Nurse, Speaking role, Television
2016 - Drifters series 4, make-up artist, speaking role, Television, Al Campbell
2016 - Corporate shoot, Gym Client, Alex Kryszkiewicz
2016 - Eastenders, Nurse, speaking role
2016 - Duck Quacks Don't Echo, 'Winner', Patrick Lynch
2016 - University of Essex corporate shoot, prospective investor, Alex Kryszkiewicz

2015 - Ikettle. fitness girlfriend, Matt Hookings, Bashford twins
2015 - NHS drama, episode 1, Jill, Abid Mahi
2015 - Recruitee, speaking role, Drifters 3, Television, Al Campbell
2015 - Supporting actress, Severe the ties, short film, Ania Manaeva
2015 - Cannon camera, online ad, Simeon Quarrie, Vivida productions
2015 - Speaking role, video training, Mynd play, Tre Azam
2015 - Speaking role, student, Unilever sprung app, Vivida productions, Simeon Quarrie.
2015 - 'Smiler' speaking role. The science of smiling, mynd play, Tre Azam
2015 - Apocalypse slough, Sky one comedy, Fleeing Mother
2014 - Asylum BBC4 Sitcom, Hispanic staff
2014 - Some Girls BBC3 comedy, football player
2014 - CRACKANORY TV series, Museum Visitor, Tiger Aspect
2014 - Walkers Crisp commercial, 'fun seeker' (Tree trekking in Black country park forest)
2014 - Relentless commercial, friend, Coca-cola, Ross Cairns
2014 - Apple commercial, extra.
2014 - corporate, TSP sales person, DHL training video, maverick Eddie Cubberley.
2014 - 'Metal Band' music short film. Amplitude. Lead female role

2013 - 'I can't sing' promotion video London West End show. London Palladium
2013 - Nokia lumia internet advert. Lead role London
2013 - Apparition short film. Lead role London
2013 - Grease the musical. Marty. Grove Theatre Dunstable (Won Musical of the year 2014)
2013 - Ones n Twos mini web series. Speaking role London
2013 - The Nuts Music Video for Angelina Jolie. Lead role London
2013 - Seventh cell (short film) supporting character 'wife' of lead role
2013 - Minor Instrumentalities (Alternative film)
2013 - Jamie Cullum music video. Background singer

2012 - short film 'Aspirations'. I played a main character named Jess who was abused on a night out.
2012 - Henna Hearts commercial. I was the lead role, playing 'Cinderella' in a rags to riches theme.
2012 - Tristar television commercial. I was one of 3 lead female extras. Set in a club being wowed by a geeks dance moves.
2012 -Mclean music video. I was an extra/dancer.
2012 - Code 7 Pilot T.V. Series, 'The Studio'. I am the character Miss Behave, a supporting main role. It is being rehearsed and filmed in London.

I have been perorming with Dunstable Amateur Operatic Society for many years and most recently been in:
2011 - Jesus Christ Superstar,performed by DAOS. I performed as an Apostles wife, a fan dancer and a Harem girl.
2011- A musical extravaganza, performed by HRVP (houghton Regis Vincentian Players) I performed TWO Solo's: Wouldn't It Be Lovely and I'm Gonna Wash that Man right outta my hair.
2010 - Crazy for You , performed at the Grove Theatre, Dunstable as a follies girl. This involved depicting a ditzy character and learning different styles of dance including tap dancing.


Extras experience

Previous speaking roles


Modeling experience

Part-time model - paid commercial work

2016 - Spin Doctor, editorial, Dottie Photography
2016 - Inside Crochet, editorial, Lucy Williams
2016 - HellBunny, editorial, Dottie Photography
2016 - Catwalk Model, Alexandra Palace knitting & Stitching show, Georgina Brant, Quail
2016 - SOSF fashion show, The Savoy, Samiha Foustok
2016 - Hair Salon brand video shoot, Ryan Threlfall
2016 - TFA, Umbrella and welly photoshoot, Jamie Garbutt photographer
2016 - The Sun, couple shoot, 'Your sofa position says a lot about your relationship'
2016 - CoOP, Valentines 'Breakfast in Bed'fordshire' photoshoot, Vicky Jones
2016 - Go Houghton (restaurant) advert, James Mossman,
2016 - The Great British Sewing Bee, model, 2 episodes.

2015 - Filiz wedding/eveningwear shoot
2015 - Arwyn Bailey photography, photobooth shoot, The Big Booth Company
2015 - Malcolm Fitt photography location shoot

2014 - Alex Dobson music video, Ex girlfriend
2014 - Yusuf Guney Music video, Love interest
2014 Fashion Show, John Lewis, Oxford Street. Quail
2014 lifestyle shoot (fitness and electronics) John Rowley
2013 Ivan Antalika- Met Sega La Music video
2013 A3 music video shoot featured model Leon Mitchell
2013 Alexandra Palace knitwear fashion show (catwalk model) Georgina Brant, Quail
2013 The Mall pamper event (catwalk model for street brands) Adele Tate
2013 Face of the hair group competition (finalist)
2013 BW fitting model jobs
2013 Contiki 6 day European Shoot Cam Maclachlan
2013 Fresh accademy day model
2013 Fashion show cat walk
2013 Bucks head shots shoot (website model)
2013 Asian bridal style makeover looks
2012 Videojug hair model - Kim Kardashion 'wet hair' look
G Casino Nationals June 2012 - Finals
G Casino Luton final May 2012 - Winner
Jodie Andrews shoot - Tasmin Blindt fashion; simple setting. Hair, Make-up and wore designed fashion clothes.
Luton college 2012 - Rose Shoot: Rose themed shoot; plain settings. Hair and make-up
Luton College 2012 - Cabaret shoot : Cabaret themed shoot; set indoors with red velvet backdrop. Hair and Make-up
Luton University 2012 - Gothic shoot: Gothic Cinderella themed shoot; set in a church. Hair and Make-up
Luton University 2012 - Natural Goddess shoot; set outdoors in Stockwood park. Hair and Make-up.
Fresh Acadamy 2011 - modelled for Boudoir shots; set in bedroom scenarios
Miss Teen Queen UK 2011 - live finals
Go Bowling Dunstable 2011 - advertising shots
Miss Bedfordshire 2010 - placed in final 8

TV & Reality

2014 - EastEnders walk on role.
2013 - Made in Chelsea (t.v.series 5) extra work
2013 - Made in Chelsea (t.v. series 6) extra work


Dancing ability


Dance styles
  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Tap

I have been in numerous shows where dancing was a massive part of them; 'Crazy for You' that had some big tap numbers as well as 3 pantomimes with dance sequences.
I was a leading role in Grease the musical, where dance ability is a priority.
I have passed exams for Ballet and Tap dancing.
A level dance (contemporary) 2009-2011


TV presenter experience

Previous paid TV presenter roles

  • English

  • UK English

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